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Mind and Mental Events (Subhuti 2001)

a series of talks by Subhuti

This is a modern classic as series go - an extraordinarily detailed and remarkably constructed 9-talk sequence on the Abhidharma tradition of dhammavichaya (dharma-vichaya), examining the mind and its function as seen through the lens of Buddhist psychology. Subhuti's own grasp of the material is impressive enough - but his ability to make clear the intricate and at times bewildering world of close mental analysis makes us stop and wonder.

Taking as his starting point the classic Tibetan text 'The Necklace of Clear Understanding' by Yeshe Gyaltsen, Subhuti brings in his own structured rearrangement of the 51 mental events enumerated by the source tradition, with helpful digressions and qualifications to help us see beyond any single reading of a method of self-analysis that is as rewarding as it is exacting. Robert Thurman refers to the original Abhidharmikas - the meditators who charted the great unknown universe of the mind's processes - as 'psychonauts', and Subhuti in his own inimitable way communicates the same awe and sense of a great and important adventure to be had in engaging directly with how it is our human consicousness actually works. There is no greater task than to know our own mind - and this is surely a most excellent place to start.

Series recorded at the Western Buddhist Order Convention, Wymondham 2001