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Green Tara Sadhana

a series of talks by Vessantara and Khemasiri

Here are the talks from a retreat on the Green Tara sadhana led by Vessantara and Khemasiri at Adhisthana in 2017. The retreat is part of a series of sadhana retreats led by members of the Order who have been devoted to these particular practices for many years and based on the original practices that Sangharakshita received from his own teachers. The retreats explore Bhante’s teaching on sadhana as a direct way to cut through spiritual ignorance: "you see things in accordance with the middle way which is the Maya way. You don't deny things as appearances, as Rupa, but you don't interpret the appearances in terms of actually existent things... They are not ultimately real, but they are perceived as though they were ultimately real. So one has got to have both. One mustn't exclude the appearance and one mustn't lose sight of the void.''