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Living Wisely

a series of talks by Subhuti

A series of talks given on the occasion of the Excellence Retreat held on 22 - 25 January 2015 at the Saddhammapradip Retreat Centre, Bhaja, Maharashtra, India.

What is wisdom? Perhaps we can best learn from one who is wise. For Buddhists, the Buddha is the epitome of the wise person. In this series of talks, reflection and question and answer session, Subhuti explores the life and experience of the Buddha. He looks at what the Buddha did not say and considers the perspective of the Buddha of life as we know it, in particular the four factors - the three marks and one other - seeing everything as impermanent, without substance, inevitably connected with suffering and unattractive as compared with what is beyond that. The consequence of seeing things in this way is a wonderful sense of freedom. He continues with an exploration of the law of conditionality.

Subhuti also leads a reflection on the five skandhas - the five categories for all the aspects of what we are. Can we find atman?

The series concludes with a question and answer session.

Given in English and translated into Hindi by Bharati Shetty.