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Getting Started in Meditation

a series of talks by Kamalashila

Ah, 'Getting Started in Meditation' by Kamalashila - enough to make us go all misty-eyed here at Free Buddhist Audio. For back in the dim and distant past, when the internet was still a strange and exotic wonderland, we used to sell tapes. Dharmachakra Tapes, that's who we were. And our most popular product for a good number of years was this classic set of recordings leading through two of the most fundamental meditation practices from the Buddhist tradition. Kamalashila has been meditating and teaching for over 40 years - and is the author of the seminal and comprehensive book 'Meditation - The Buddhist Way of Tranquility and Insight' (Windhorse Publications, 1992), upon which this set is based. The material covered is excellent, the recording is pleasingly analogue, and the guidance just as good as it ever was. A perfect way to start if you're learning meditation for the first time - or if you just feel like a refresher (or a trip down memory lane)...

Series recorded in 1995