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What Is Nirvana and Do We Really Want to Get There?

a series of talks by Vajragupta

n the first talk of this five-part series, Vajragupta asks if certain key ideas are getting diluted in Buddhism's translation into the modern, Western world. Do teachings around Enlightenment, nirvana, or rebirth fade into the background in the way the Dharma is presented? What effect will this have on how the path will unfold for us? Talk two sees Vajragupta explore the power of ideas to shape us, our lives and world, and even human history. As Buddhism comes to the West, is it taken on in a way that seems to fit with certain prevailing ideas and assumptions in our culture? What ideas and world-views conduce to Enlightenment and the fullest expression of human potential, and what ideas and world-views may hinder? A talk fizzing with ideas to make you think and wonder… In talk three, Vajragupta explores how we can immerse ourselves in the ideas, world-views, and myths of Buddhism, through faith and belief, myth and ritual. What happens when we do this? What perspectives unfold? An inspiring talk about the need for vision and ideals to draw forth our full creativity and potential and to make a better world possible. Talk given at the Croydon Buddhist Centre, 2021