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The Two Arrows: Dukkha to Insight

a series of talks by Various

In these challenging times, how do we respond to difficulty and suffering without piling on extra levels of distress and reaction? A central question in all our lives, it’s also a central concern of the Buddha’s teachings. This retreat explored the Salattha Sutta, the Sutta of the two arrows, which evocatively describes the pain of being pierced by the first arrow of pain or difficulty, followed by the pain of the secondary arrows as a consequence of all our reactions that occur if we are not aware and wise. Led by Vidyamala, Sona, Vishvapani, Vimalachitta and Nagabodhi, this team work with people across wide sections of society such as healthcare, education, criminal justice, political spheres and the workplace. They help people to engage more creatively with the challenges inherent in the human condition and to live with more joy and wisdom. We refer to this (in terms that fit with secular society) as ‘mindfulness’; but our work draws on the whole Dharma and our own experience of practicing it. It also expresses the inspiration we find in the Bodhisattva Ideal. Talks recorded at Adhisthana, 2020.