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Transforming Ignorance into Wisdom

a series of talks by Subhuti

Subhuti gave a series of talks at Adhisthana during the 'Transforming Ignorance into Wisdom' retreat, 15 to 22 March 2019. The aim of the retreat and study was to clarify the nature and dynamics of views. Often we adopt and argue for particular ideas, sometimes passionately and even divisively, but we do not truly understand the nature of thinking in general and theories, ideologies, opinions etc in particular. Subhuti laid out a theoretical framework, drawn especially from Yogacara Abhidharma and from the earlier perspective of the Pali Suttas, especially the Brahmajala and Madhupindika Suttas. The talks were illustrated with charts, referred to in the recordings, copies of which, together with the video recordings, can be found at the links provided in the relevant talk. Each talk was followed by group discussion. The study took place in the context of meditation and devotional practice. Each afternoon the Contemplation of the Six Elements was practiced, led by Subhuti, exploring approaches to the practice he has developed while teaching it in India. On the first afternoon he gave a talk, outlining these approaches. (Login as an Order Member for Order Only content)