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Transformation of Life and World in the Sutra of Golden Light

a series of talks by Sangharakshita

'Transformation of Life and World in the Sutra of Golden Light' is one of Sangharakshita's best-loved series. Attempting to enter the rich, colourful world of a Mahayana text without guidance can be a disorientating and baffling experience - but in good company, it can be a quite beautiful one. Sangharakshita here shows how one of the most popular of Mahayana Sutras takes on the idea of transformation, and finds the beauty that awaits us in the dream that is also like Reality.

N.B. Reference for these lectures: 'The Sutra of Golden Light', translated by R.E. Emmerick (Pali Text Society, London, 1970).

Series given in 1976