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The Heart Sutra: Thunderclaps of Reality

a series of talks by Various

Open up to the mystery at the heart of reality! The Heart Sutra is a series of thunderclaps communicating the real nature of things, but not to the thinking mind. We recite it “by heart”. Can we really take it to heart? How might our lives be different, if we were able to live from the freedom and openness described by this Perfection of Wisdom text? The Heart Sutra is so called because it is the pith, essence, essential heart-teaching of how things truly are. Simply attempting to understand it intellectually can make our minds boggle – and expand beyond what we might think possible. Yet the ‘heart’ aspect also brings out that it is with our hearts, with love, warmth and the whole of our being, that we can know reality – and that to know also means to love. Both the love and the clarity are essential. A series of talks given on a Mitra retreat at Taraloka, exploring the Heart Sutra in February 2017.