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Title Speaker Year
The Transitoriness of Life and the Certainty of Death 

The third talk in a five-part series from Tiratanaloka's retreat on the 'Four Mind Turnings' of the Tibetan tradition.

Vajradarshini 2005
03. Sadness and awakening - sabi; nothing beats real experience; being moved by impermanence; death as the ultimate koan (4:27)
04. Death is certain; disassociating from your own death; Vajradarshini's death imagined; not being that significant - freedom in this (5:02)
05. Imagined hierarchies of permanence; samsara is a disaster; Longchen Rabjam on death (3:53)
06. The time of death is uncertain; near misses; provisional plans; Patrul Rinpoche on the nearness of death; not yet (7:18)
07. At the time of death only the Dharma is of benefit; you go alone, unprepared, unfinished; dying with fearlessness; Thagme Zangpo on death and the Bodhisattva; reflection galvanizing practice - doubt as luxury; faith and the need for a refuge (7:20)
08. Death and liberation from unfocussed practice; urgency; being in the moment; how do we want to spend our time? Killing time; Ezra Pound - "And the days are not full enough" (4:39)
09. Practising purely - with Insight in mind; Buddhism is not being better at samsara; not relying on the material plane; Lama Guntang Konchdron on the Lord of Death (4:31)
10. Other koans in the dewdrop world; Dennis Potter on being close to death - blossoms (1:44)
Death and the Buddhist 

This is pretty fantastic in its way. Danavira is one of the best speakers we know - he is very funny, can do poetic and profound, …

Danavira 2000
01. Death and the Buddhist (1:04:03)
System of Meditation Retreats - Spiritual Death, Fear and Fearlessness 

Spiritual Death is about death of our fixed, bounded self, the self that is made up of …

Kulaprabha 2008
02. Abhaya Sutta - Four Reasons Why We Fear Death (10:06)
Spiritual Death and Rebirth, a New Perspective On the Dharma Niyama 

The stages of spiritual death and rebirth are key to the system of meditation, they represent the culimination …

Subhuti 2010
01. Spiritual Death and Rebirth, a New Perspective On the Dharma Niyama (41:27)
Death and the Self, and the Buddha's Unanswered Questions 

On Sangha Night, Monday 6 December 2010, Vaddhaka delved into the Buddha's unanswered questions; questions that Vacchagotta, …

Vaddhaka 2010
01. Death and the Self, and the Buddha's Unanswered Questions (47:52)
The Kiss of Fire - Launch of the Year of Spiritual Death 

Talk given by the LBC's Chair, Jnanavaca at the Mandala Evening on Monday 16th January 2012, to launch the Year of Spiritual …

Jnanavaca 2012
01. The Kiss of Fire - Launch of the Year of Spiritual Death (56:32)
Parinirvana Day Reflections On Death 

Priyavadita shares some reflections on death including his experience of working as a nurse in a busy accident …

Priyavadita 2012
01. Parinirvana Day Reflections On Death (1:08:06)
The Sea As Spiritual Death 

Image of the sea and the raft, we hold onto our raft, but this brings suffering - can we let go, enter the sea and become …

Arthabandhu 2012
01. The Sea As Spiritual Death (43:04)
Spiritual Death and Spiritual Rebirth 

A talk by Vadanya on Spiritual Death and Rebirth given as part of a series of talks on Stories and Symbols …

Vadanya 2007
01. Spiritual Death and Spiritual Rebirth (52:10)
Continuous Spiritual Death - Continuous Spiritual Rebirth 

Padmavajra speaks about the stages of spiritual death and rebirth. How to prepare for them, how they can …

Padmavajra 2012
01. Continuous Spiritual Death - Continuous Spiritual Rebirth (1:01:47)
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