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Eight Verses for Training the Mind: Talk 4 

This is the last in a four-part series by Subhuti on the Tibetan text 'Eight Verses for Training the Mind' by Kadampa …

Subhuti 2004
05. Eighth verse - "May none of this ever be sullied..."; the eight Lokadhammas - 'Worldly Winds' - and Bodhisattva practice; reflecting on the three lakshanas; the illusory nature of Reality - maya (10:15)
Renunciation - Tasting Freedom 

Saddhanandi says at the beginning of this talk that she's concerned she won't fully convey the depth of inspiration …

Saddhanandi 2009
Loss and Gain 

Lokabandhu explores the worldly winds of loss and gain, enjoining us never to go passive …

Lokabandhu 2011
Make Yourself An Island - A Talk On the Parinibbana Sutta 

Reflecting on her favourite lines from the Paranibbana Sutta, Jvalamalini explores how to become an island in the midst of …

Jvalamalini 2011
Beyond Heaven and Hell 

Vajrasara has ideas for managing the highs and lows of the 8 Worldly Winds; talk given …

Vajrasara 2011
Introducing the Worldly Winds Talk 1 

In week 1 of a six-week course, Vajragupta introduces the 'Eight Worldly Winds' …

Vajragupta 2012
01. Introducing the Worldly Winds Talk 1 (28:34)
The Magician Meets the King 

This third talk in a series on the six distinctive emphases of Triratna introduces the centrality of Going for Refuge through …

Jvalamalini 2015
The Eight Worldly Winds and the Law of Karma 

This is the third talk from the Glasgow Buddhist Centre Rainy Season Retreat 2017. Dassini looks at the Eight Worldly

Dassini 2017
01. The Eight Worldly Winds and the Law of Karma (57:13)
The Worldly Winds 1: Introduction 

The Eight Worldly Winds of Gain & Loss, Praise & Criticism, Respect & Disgrace, …

Taranita 2017
01. The Worldly Winds 1: Introduction (29:39)
The Worldly Winds 2: Gain & Loss and Praise & Criticism 

Two of the most emotive agents that the Worldly Winds throw at us are Loss and Criticism; …

Taranita 2017
01. The Worldly Winds 2: Gain & Loss and Praise & Criticism (37:48)
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