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Become the Sky 

A series of talks at the NBC on the Worldly Winds coincided with sad news from a dear friend, …

Aryadhi 2018
Beyond Heaven and Hell 

Vajrasara has ideas for managing the highs and lows of the 8 Worldly Winds; talk given …

Vajrasara 2011
Eight Verses for Training the Mind: Talk 4 

This is the last in a four-part series by Subhuti on the Tibetan text 'Eight Verses for Training the Mind' by Kadampa …

Subhuti 2004
05. Eighth verse - "May none of this ever be sullied..."; the eight Lokadhammas - 'Worldly Winds' - and Bodhisattva practice; reflecting on the three lakshanas; the illusory nature of Reality - maya (10:15)
Gain & Loss 

Finishing the series on the Worldly Winds, Vajrapriya explores Gain and Loss, and the responses …

Vajrapriya 2020
Introducing the Worldly Winds Talk 1 

In week 1 of a six-week course, Vajragupta introduces the 'Eight Worldly Winds' …

Vajragupta 2012
01. Introducing the Worldly Winds Talk 1 (28:34)
Introduction to the Worldly Winds 

In this talk Vijayasri introduces us to the Worldly Winds by mapping the four pairs of …

Vijayasri 2018
01. Introduction to the worldly winds (41:18)
Life As a Wind Turbine. 

In this talk, introduced by Amarapuspa, Jane shares the experience of developing severe physical pain, suddenly, and how …

Jane Garratt 2018
Loss and Gain 

Lokabandhu explores the worldly winds of loss and gain, enjoining us never to go passive …

Lokabandhu 2011
Make Yourself An Island - A Talk On the Parinibbana Sutta 

Reflecting on her favourite lines from the Paranibbana Sutta, Jvalamalini explores how to become an island in the midst of …

Jvalamalini 2011
Peacocks and Scorpions 

In this humorous talk, Suryadarshini explores the themes of the worldly winds of praise …

Suryadarshini 2018
01. Praise and blame as a pair of worldly winds - three categories of exploration (02:32)
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