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Wesak At the LBC 

After nearly five years away from the LBC Subhuti returns to give a talk for the Wesak Festival Day in May …

Subhuti 2009
01. Wesak At the LBC (1:05:37)
Heart of Darkness (LBC Wesak Festival May 2011) 

Talk given by Sarvananda, the author of 'Meaning in Life'at the London Buddhist Centre's Wesak

Sarvananda 2011
01. Heart of Darkness (LBC Wesak Festival May 2011) (55:35)
Wesak - Het Belang Voor Ons Als Moderne Mens 

Lezing van Dhammaketu naar aanleiding van Wesak.

Dhammaketu 2012
01. Wesak - Het Belang Voor Ons Als Moderne Mens (29:33)
Wesak Talk 

Here's the wonderful Parami celebrating the Buddha's Enlightenment with the Triratna community in Birmingham and …

Parami 2010
01. Wesak Talk (1:08:45)
Buddha Nature - It's Good, But is it Enough? 

This is part of the 'Jewel Ornament of Liberation' series of talks from the community at Taraloka Retreat Centre. …

Kulaprabha 2008
The Buddha's Enlightenment 

A beautiful talk by Urgyen Sangharakshita (without notes), at the Wesak celebration 2007 of FWBO Stockholm, …

Sangharakshita 2007
The Significance of the Buddha's Enlightenment 

A talk given by Sona at Manchester Buddhist Centre on Wesak, 9th May 2009.

Sona 2009
Imagining the Buddha 

Talk given by Ratnaguna at the LBC's Wesak Festival day in May 2010.

Ratnaguna 2010
Bajo El Arbol Bodhi 

Una charla ofrecida por Parami en mayo del 2011 unos días antes de la celebración de Wesak

Parami 2010
The Wisdom of Letting Go Revealed In the Story of the Buddha's Enlightenment 

A classic Wesak talk based around sections from the Pali Canon on the story of the Buddha's Enlightenment, …

Akasati 2013
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