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Title Speaker Year
Puja As Vision and Transformation 

An introduction to ritual including a guided reflection to connect to our personal experience of vision and …

Bhadra 2016
01. Puja as Vision and Transformation (48:57)
Vision - The Mind Thinks, the Heart Sees 

A talk on vision as part of two talks on vision and transformation at …

Rijusiddha 2018
01. Vision - The mind thinks, the heart sees (44:18)
The Nature of Existence: Right Understanding 

The Eightfold Path is divided into Paths of Vision and of Transformation. Sangharakshita …

Sangharakshita 1968
03. The context of Perfect Vision (7:03)
04. How the Path of Vision may arise (9:27)
05. What is Perfect Vision? (4:54)
Imagination, the Mahayana & Us 

Recognised and used creatively rather than reactively, imagination can be like a magical key in our spiritual lives. Having …

Satyalila 2017
A Vision of History 

Given on the Women's International Order Convention 2016, at Adhisthana. Revisiting Bhante's 1978 talk on the …

Vassika 2016
01. A Vision of History (1:07:51)
Introducing Ethics: Resonating with Reality 

This talk was given on a retreat for Mitras at Taraloka in the summer of 2018 "Ethics: Resonating with Reality" "My …

Maitrisiddhi 2018
Descend with the View, Ascend with the Conduct 

A talk given in the buildup to Padmasambhava Day, to explore this crucial aphorism and approach of Padmasambhava, given in …

Vajrapriya 2009
Great Stages of the Spiritual Path 

Padmavajra begins by reflecting on the incident early after the Buddha's Enlightenment when he looks for someone or something …

Padmavajra 2010
Emotional Transformation 

This talk has been given at the beginning of the Winter Retreat 2013. It is the second of three talks given by Padmavajra …

Padmavajra 2013
01. Emotional Transformation (1:21:51)
Peace Is a Fire 

A heartfelt exploration of the aphorism of Sangharakshita, Peace is a Fire. Looking at both the vision

Singhamati 2015
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