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Title Speakersorted Year
The Hero's Journey 

Given on a Sub30 weekend on the theme of the 'Heroic Ideal'. Akasajoti talks about the hero's journey as a …

Akasajoti 2022
The Eightfold Path 

In this talk, Amarapuspa provides an introduction and overview to the Eightfold Path for this series at Brixton Triratna’s …

Amarapuspa 2016
Puja As Vision and Transformation 

An introduction to ritual including a guided reflection to connect to our personal experience of vision and …

Bhadra 2016
01. Puja as Vision and Transformation (48:57)
Religion Without God, Part 4 - Magic For the Modern World 

The final talk in 'Religion without God', a four-part series looking at how you can have a full spiritual life as …

Candradasa 2012
05. Padmavajra's Alchemy of Love; Shantideva and the Bodhicaryavatara; exchange of self and other; the Philosopher's Stone; quickilver (mercury); the Bodhicitta (Bodhichitta) (5:01)
07. Vajrayana - Diamond Thunderbolt Way; Tibetan Buddhism; Alexandra David-Neel; magic rites transformed; pacification and destruction (3:43)
08. Rite of fascination - the beautiful and charming the hearts of all beings; rite of prospering - King Midas (2:49)
10. Back to St Augustine; Neoplatonism and Renaissance Neoplatonists; Marsilio Ficino and Pico della Mirandola (3:43)
12. Nature versus Reality; Pagan Mysteries in the Renaissance by Edgar Wind; magic as ethical process; technology as akin to magic - iPads and Asimov (7:11)
13. Being interested in what is the case; a practical path not an abstraction; meditation and mindfulness as the basis for seeing; a guided practice on letting go (5:55)
14. Vessantara's long retreat - projects and the self; a shot at radical magical transformation; a danger; the importance of kindness to insight; magic spells; the Buddha under the tree; the vision of lotuses, metta, compassion (anukampa); completed by love (8:05)
The Myriad Manifestations of Mind 

Devamitra shares his experiences fresh from a one-month solitary retreat. Drawing inspiration from Milarepa's 'Myriad …

Devamitra 2016
Entering the Mandala 

A very interesting introduction to the mandala here from Garava - the idea, the myth, the image, the symbol, the experience. …

Garava 2001
02. Defining a mandala; mandala as a depiction of a perfected universe, a vision of enlightenment and transformation (4:13)
04. Beginning the journey and entering sacred space; shrine room as example of sacred space and mandala, safe and secure (5:02)
05. The first barrier - the wall of flames; the necessity of faith; transformative flame, purifying and purging ignorance (6:50)
07. The eight great cremation grounds; confronting and seeking out death; casting off ego; the necessity of resolve (7:44)
08. Choosing release or rebirth - seizing the chance for liberation; transformation through experience of death (5:50)
Heart Advice From the Lotus -Born: 'Never Be Apart From the Causes For Faith to Arise'. 

Padmasambhava is a potent symbol of transformation. As part of the London Buddhist Centre's Padmasambhava …

Maitreyi 2019
Introducing Ethics: Resonating with Reality 

This talk was given on a retreat for Mitras at Taraloka in the summer of 2018 "Ethics: Resonating with Reality" "My …

Maitrisiddhi 2018
Great Stages of the Spiritual Path 

Padmavajra begins by reflecting on the incident early after the Buddha's Enlightenment when he looks for someone or something …

Padmavajra 2010
Emotional Transformation 

This talk has been given at the beginning of the Winter Retreat 2013. It is the second of three talks given by Padmavajra …

Padmavajra 2013
01. Emotional Transformation (1:21:51)
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