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Intro to Themes From the Vimalakirti Nidesa 

Jayaraja sets the scene for a subsequent series of six talks given as part of the LBC's Dharma Night Class in November …

Jayaraja 2012
01. Intro to Themes From the Vimalakirti Nidesa (50:33)
Themes From the Vimalakirti Nirdesha 

A wide ranging introduction to the Sutra with plenty of personal examples and punchy reflections.

Jayabodhi 2016
01. Themes from the Vimalakirti Nirdesha (52:45)
Die Vier Sangrahavastus - Vier Wege zur spirituellen Freundschaft 

Die Vier Sangrahavastus, vier einheitsstiftende Mittel, übt ein Bodhisattva als Teil der Zehn Paramitas (Vollkommenheiten). …

Bodhimitra 1996
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