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Buddhist Reflections on Impermanence and Death 

In this engaging talk Vajratara speaks on directly meeting death and Impermanence in Buddhist practice, and how these reflections …

Vajratara 2020
Moon of the Mind: Bodhicitta 

A clear and passionate talk, looking at bodhicitta and its twin aspects of love and letting go: wisdom and compassion. Maitrisiddhi …

Maitrisiddhi 2021
8 Wiatrow Swiata Cz. 1 

Wadzratara jest buddystka mieszkajaca w osrodku Tiratanaloka w Walii przygotowujacym kobiety do ordynacji …

Vajratara 2011
Bodhicitta: a Personal Talk 

Maitridevi gives a moving and personal talk on her relationship with 'bodhicitta'. From 'Moon of the Mind: …

Maitridevi 2021
Positive Precepts Metta Bhavana 

Vajrasakhi leads a 'cherishing' metta bhavana based on the positive precepts. The practice is introduced then …

Vajrasakhi 2021
Bodhicitta: a Personal Talk 

Intelligent and thought provoking, Candraprabha shares some personal reflections on her relationship to 'bodhicitta.' …

Candraprabha 2021
Moon of the Mind Guided Meditation 

Maitridevi leads a relaxed and receptive Tong Len practice. From 'Moon of the Mind: Bodhicitta' Taraloka & …

Maitridevi 2021
The Four Mind-Turning Reflections (series) 

A terrific five-part series from Tiratanaloka's retreat on the 'Four Mind Turnings' of the Tibetan …

Various 2005
Spiritual Friendship and the Tantric Rites (series) 

A series of talks which focusses on the tantric rites and friendship given at a Tiratanaloka/Buddhafield …

Sadhana, the condensation of love (series) 

Subhadramati and Vajratara reflect on the movements within their own Sadhanas as part of a five part series of talks given …

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