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Effort and Relaxation In the Dharma Life 

An exploration of how to work with a sense of potency and ease in Dharma practice. This looks specifically at the 4 Right …

Vajratara 2018
The Myth of the Bodhicitta 

What is the Bodhicitta and how do we become receptive to it? Vajratara talks about the paradox behind the Bodhicitta: how …

Vajratara 2018
Spiritual Receptivity 

Vajratara dwells on the topic of spiritual receptivity as part of the 'Mythic Context' retreat. She looks at what …

Vajratara 2018
Surrendering to a Greater Beauty: The Fourth Laksana 

Starting with a story from the Rastrapalapariprccha-Sutra, Vajratara draws out the significance of Sangharakshita's …

Vajratara 2019
Opening the Mandala 

‘To make a mandala is to take any prominent aspect of reality and surround it with beauty.’ What is a mandala? …

Vajratara 2021
Critical Ecumenicalism: Sitting At the Feet of the Gurus with An Open Heart and Discerning Mind 

The Refuge Tree of the Triratna Buddhist Order poses certain questions: how are we to relate to the figures, particularly …

Vajratara 2021
Looking Deeper Into the Mind Precepts 

‘To GfR effectively, you must intend consciously and deliberately to aim for the Transcendental. It is not enough …

Vajratara 2018
Becoming Real - Meditation as a Gateway to Wisdom 

This is a fine talk by Dayanandi on the essential relationship between meditation and the proper seeing of Reality, here …

Dayanandi 2000
Buddhist Womens Achievements - Standing Up, Standing Alone, Standing Together 

Samata tells the inspiring story behind the creating a new Womens Buddhist Retreat Centre - Tiratanaloka

Samata 2016
Green Tara 

Candraprabha who is the Chair of Tiratanaloka, the ordination training retreat centre for women, explores …

Candraprabha 2019
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