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Metta is something that must be lived


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Sadhana 1: Peparing the Mind to Meet the Yidam 

Subhadramati shares her reflections on how to prepare the mind for sadhana practice. She explores the transition from metta …

Subhadramati 2022
Sadhana 2: Dwelling In Devotion 

Vajratara reflects on the Garava Sutta and what it means to 'dwell in reliance, in reverence and respect'. What …

Vajratara 2022
Sadhana 3: The Maya Way 

Subhadramati introduces the 'Maya Way': the Yidam is felt and experienced, but is also seen as 'sunya', …

Subhadramati 2022
Sadhana 4: Renunciation and Great Compassion 

What is the middle way between feeling rubbish and feeling brilliant? What is freedom? What is renunciation? What do we need …

Subhadramati 2022
Sadhana 5: Bringing Sadhana Into Everyday Life 

We can start to feel that our sadhana is just about our own personal transformation, but how can we bring our sadhana off …

Vajratara 2022
Discovering the Wish Fulfilling Jewel 

‘In the Buddhist tradition the wish-fulfilling gem has come to symbolise the bodhicitta, and this tells you something …

Vajratara 2022
Discovering the Wish Fulfilling Jewel 

Jewels are formed under immense pressures. What are the pressures that shape our Dharma life? Saddhanandi gives a personal …

Saddhanandi 2022
Discovering the Wish Fulfilling Jewel 

The wish fulfilling jewel is an invitation, an offering from Avalokitesvara. It not only fulfils all wishes, it is the nature …

Kulanandi 2022
Contemplating the Refuge Tree: Abandon Everything You Think You Know 

Vajratara introduces the 'Going for Refuge and Prostration Practice of the Buddha Shakyamuni'. To see the Refuge …

Vajratara 2022
Contemplating the Refuge Tree 2: Absorbtion In the Blue Sky 

In the second part of a series of talks about the 'Going for Refuge and Prostration Practice of the Buddha Shakyamuni', …

Vajratara 2022
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