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Title Speaker Year
Meetings At the Edge 

Moksalila is in conversation with Samantabhadri about her work as a massage therapist on a palliative care unit, being alongside …

Mokshalila 2015
Recollecting the Consequences of Ones Actions 

This is the third of four talks given at Taraloka in 2016, on a reflection retreat for mitras, exploring …

Hridayagita 2016
The Defects of Samsara and Cultivating the Desire For Enlightenment 

The fourth reminder. This talk, given on the reflection retreat for mitras at Taraloka, explores the way …

Suchitta 2016
Impermanence of This Body 

In the first of four talks on the four reminders given at Taraloka on the Mitra Reflection Retreat in 2016, …

Khemasuri 2016
Peace Is a Fire 

Using the aphorism of Sangharakshita, Peace is a Fire, Sujayini takes us on a journey of personal growth and transformation. Given …

Sujayini 2015
The Preciousness of This Body 

Also entitling this talk, This Very Precious opportunity, Samantabhadri speaks about the first reminder on a reflection retreat …

Samantabhadri 2016
Tara and the Tears of Avalokiteshvara 

A beautiful talk given on the Area Order Weekend at Taraloka. Sahajatara evokes the current issues surrounding …

Sahajatara 2015
The First Noble Truth and The Space to Choose 

A talk given on an Open Retreat called The Space to Choose at Taraloka. Hridayagita encourages reflection …

Hridayagita 2016
Avalokiteshvara and the Creative Heart 

How do we have a creative response to suffering, without either getting overwhelmed or turning away? In this talk, given …

Maitrisiddhi 2016
Metta As a Path to Insight - Led Tonglen Practice 

A led Tonglen practice from the Metta as a Path to Insight GFR retreat held at Taraloka in February 201

Vijayamala 2016
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