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Book Launch 

Varasahaya talks about Ratnasuri's extraordinary life and launches her new book of poetry, Shoes Full of Butterflies. …

Various 2013
Report From the Second International Triratna Council Meeting, 2013 

Sucimani reports back on the proceedings at the second International Triratna Council meeting in Bodhgaya, India, February …

Sucimani 2013
The Fifth Precept - Intoxicants 

Vimalasara makes no compromises in her challenging talk on the fifth precept. She advocates that it continue to be included …

Vimalasara 2013
Introduction to Tonglen Retreat 

Saddhanandi beautifully and skilfully presents her vision for the Tonglen retreat held in March 2014 at Taraloka

Saddhanandi 2014
Buddhist Practice In the Context of Motherhood 

This accessible talk by Karunagita was given during the first weekend retreat for mothers held at Taraloka

Karunagita 2014
Lightening the Load 

A great talk from Karunagita, author of A Path For Parents, with some key practical insights for anyone trying to figure …

Karunagita 2015
The Possibility Of Practice 

If a talk could ever be described as beautifully bracing, this is it! Amaragita brings a sharp-edged mind and a long-term …

Amaragita 2015
A Meditation On Our Three Bodies 

A helpful introduction to the subtler reaches of body-based awareness meditation, bringing in a sense of our physical, emotional …

Amaragita 2015
Impermanence of This Body 

This is the Second in a series of four talks given on the four reminders. Punyamala explores the Buddhist teachings of impermanence …

Punyamala 2015
Preciousness of This Human Body 

This is the first of four talks given at Taraloka, on a Reflection Retreat for Mitras exploring the four …

Samantabhadri 2015
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