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A Love of Broken Things 

This talk was given for sangha night at Manchester Buddhist Centre. Maitridevi explores looking at ways to re-vision breaking …

Maitridevi 2018
A Meditation On Our Three Bodies 

A helpful introduction to the subtler reaches of body-based awareness meditation, bringing in a sense of our physical, emotional …

Amaragita 2015
A Simple Walking Meditation 

This is the first of a set of 5 guided walking meditations suitable for anyone.

Maitridevi 2020
Absorption - After the Enlightenment 

How do you get used to being Enlightened? What happened to the Buddha in the weeks after his breakthrough experience? Kamalasila …

Kamalashila 2008
Address to the EBU - Young People and the Dharma 

Lindsay Hannah from Taraloka addresses members of the European Buddhist Union (gathered at Taraloka

Lindsay Hannah 2009
All Dharmas Are by Nature Void 

This talk was one of 6 talks given on the Heart Sutra retreat for mitras at Taraloka in 2019. Shubha …

Shubha 2019
Amitabha Mantra 

Mantra chanting can be tricky if you're leading an on-line puja. The Taraloka community have recorded …

Taraloka Community 2020
An Elemental Guided Walking Meditation 

This is the fourth of a set of 5 guided walking meditations suitable for anyone.

Maitridevi 2020
An Interview with Ratnasuri 

An interview with Ratnasuri, aged 90, by Samantabhadri on the retreat ‘Facing Death, Embracing Life’ at Taraloka

Various speakers 2019
Anapanasati Retreat - Hinayana (Part 1) 

Viveka's fresh and vibrant take on the traditional practice of anapanasati - mindfulness with breathing. Using the breath …

Viveka 2003
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