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Perfect work comes from the unification of pure wisdom and pure deeds

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Title Speaker Year
Taraloka Energy Project Interviews 

It's June 2010 and the retreat programme is changed so that we are not trying to study at 10.30am when a large motorised …

Kulaprabha 2010
01. Taraloka Energy Project Interviews (6:27)
Intensity At Taraloka 

A talk by Singhamati in the session 'Intensity of engagement with the Dharma life', given on the European Order Gathering …

Singhamati 2013
01. Intensity At Taraloka (10:50)
On Tara 

Here's a great treat from Taraloka Retreat Centre, where Sangharakshita inaugurates their new shrine …

Sangharakshita 2007
This Precious Human Life 

Another of the talks from Taraloka inspired by Gampopa's 'Jewel Ornament of Liberation'. This …

Kulaprabha 2008
Maturing the Mind - Introduction to the Four Reminders 

Another of the series of Taraloka talks taking their inspiration from Gampopa's 'Jewel Ornament …

Kulaprabha 2008
Reflection on the Eight Freedoms 

These reflections ask us to really take on board the 'unique occasion' of human life and, together with the reflection …

Kulaprabha 2008
Getting It 

Vidyadevi's brief here is 'study as a way to Wisdom', and she comes to it with a delightfully playful straightforwardness. …

Vidyadevi 2000
We Have a Huge Barrel of Wine But No Cups 

More poetry, more Rumi, more listening joy from Vajradarshini. And what a title! In fact, this is another splendid journey …

Vajradarshini 2005
System of Meditation Retreats - Spiritual Death, Fear and Fearlessness 

Spiritual Death is about death of our fixed, bounded self, the self that is made up of bundled habits and preferences and …

Kulaprabha 2008
Body Scan Meditation 

Vidyamala introduces and leads through a body scan meditation practice.

Vidyamala 2009
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