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Title Speaker Year
A System of Training 

This talk is from the series organised by 'Dharmapala College' to mark the 40th anniversary of the Triratna Buddhist …

Dhammarati 2008
02. The 'Cheto Kila Sutta' - confidence in your basis of practice; influence from other sources; lineage and handing on through generations (2:09)
04. Sangharakshita on the Triratna system of meditation (3:07)
05. The system of practice seen pragmatically; the centrality of 'Going for Refuge' - shared experience of spiritual life (2:50)
06. Asanga on essential elements of practice; 'purified intention' and 'making correction after failure' - mind and the nature of commitment (3:39)
07. The Triratna Buddhist Community as four lineages; meditation not all there is to our practice; a lesson from Lhundrup about experience meeting a tradition (3:59)
08. The context of meditation in the Triratna community and the five spiritual faculties; describing not prescribing - the system in relationship to the mind (4:09)
10. Specific practices shading into insight; two takes on 'Pure Awareness' practice in the Triratna community (4:31)
11. Anapanasati and metta practices as examples; corollary between the work of the Six Element Practice and the Bodhichitta Practice (3:30)
12. Context and structure in relationship to formless practice - unpacking the four lineages of the Triratna community. (3:04)
13. Practice as aligning the nature of reality and the nature of our mind (1:32)
The Five Aspects of Dharma Life - Questions and Answers 

A question and answer session punctuating a series of eight talks by Subhuti on the System of Practice

Subhuti 2013
04. Applying the System of Practice to a context wider than the individual (5:26)
Spiritual Receptivity Meditation Retreat 

Vessantara leads us on a journey to discover Spiritual Receptivity in this thoroughly engaging set of talks and led meditations. …

Vessantara 2014
01. Spiritual Receptivity as a part of the Mandala of the System of Practice (27:42)
03. Introduction to Bar Lung practice and Led Meditation (27:42)
Den Vestlige Buddhistordens Venners system for åndelig praksis: Del 1 Tilstedeværelse. 

Den Vestlige Buddhistordens Venners system for åndelig praksis.

Gunaketu 2009
01. Den Vestlige Buddhistordens Venners system for åndelig praksis: Del 1 Tilstedeværelse. (25:43)
Sangharakshita's System of Training; 3. Practices 

Archived talks from a Dharmapala college seminar in 2007, on the theme of Sangharakshita's system of …

Subhuti 2007
01. Sangharakshita's System of Training; 3. Practices (1:20:16)
A System of Spiritual Discipline 3 

The third and last of a series of talks delving deep into the significance of the System of Meditation. …

Subhuti 2011
01. A System of Spiritual Discipline 3 (1:10:52)
The Just Sitting Practice - An Introduction 

The 'Just Sitting' practice has been part of the FWBO's system of meditation …

Subhuti 2009
01. The Just Sitting Practice - An Introduction (40:14)
Short Introduction to Just Sitting Practice 

Subhuti gives a short introduction to the Just Sitting practice and its place in the system

Subhuti 2011
01. Short Introduction to Just Sitting Practice (16:50)
Sangha As An Insight Practice 

Jvalamalini uses the system of meditation to explore how Sangha can be a practice leading …

Jvalamalini 2010
01. Sangha As An Insight Practice (39:30)
Order As Practice - Shifting Paradigms 

In the opening talk of The Order as Practice - Shifting Paradigms retreat Khemasuri introduces the Dasadhamma …

Khemasuri 2015
01. Order As Practice - Shifting Paradigms (36:55)
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