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I rely on the counsels of the ear-whispered tradition (Milarepa)


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Stream Entry 

Ordinary experience is governed by the endless round of the Wheel of Life, which can be gradually halted by treading the …

Sangharakshita 1965
The Sangha or Buddhist Community 

The Sangha exists on different levels. Members of the purely spiritual or Noble Sangha have all broken some of the ten fetters, …

Sangharakshita 1968
04. The ten spiritual fetters in relation to the Stream Entrant: i. personality view (sakkaya-ditthi) (5:44)
06. Stream Entry and serious Buddhists (3:04)
Stream Entry: the Point of No Return 

For most people, continual spiritual effort is required to counteract the 'gravitational pull' of mundane existence. …

Sangharakshita 1969
13. Stream Entry: the Point of No Return (5:07)
15. How to attain Stream Entry (6:36)
Dimensions of Going for Refuge 

First given in Bombay, this lecture outlines the stages of progressive involvement within the Triratna Buddhist Community …

Sangharakshita 1982
07. “Going for Refuge is primary; lifestyle is secondary”; Mahayana tradition and the Bodhisattva; the relation between the Bodhichitta, Going for Refuge, the opening of the Dharma eye, Stream Entry and Going Forth (8:45)
Looking Ahead a Little Way 

At the last Western Buddhist Order convention of the 20th Century, Sangharakshita reviews the road travelled thus far and …

Sangharakshita 1999
10. Stream Entry: a radical transformation in the nature of Going for Refuge; four levels of the arising of the Bodhichitta; the real Bodhicitta as neither individualistic nor altruistic; manifesting Avalokiteshvara, becoming an Arya Sangha (7:50)
What is Enlightenment? 

This is a quietly passionate talk by Jinapriya on the quicksilver nature of the Enlightenment experience - impossible to …

Jinapriya 2003
01. Giving a talk when you're partially sighted; the structure of the talk; the ten fetters and stream entry; overcoming the first three fetters - you can change; a message of optimism (5:18)
Rambles Around the Yogachara: Talk 3 

This is the third in a brilliant four-part series by Subhuti on the Yogachara school of Buddhist philosophy, which provides …

Subhuti 2003
06. Parinispanna and the manas (mind) - the eight vijnanas and the five jnanas; progression and transition - Stream Entry; Enlightenment and particularity (7:02)
The Diamond Sutra - Taking Mind to its Limits: Talk 7 

This is the seventh in a sparkling, wide-ranging, thoroughly comprehensive ten talk series by Padmavajra on 'The Diamond …

Padmavajra 2005
09. Discussions about Stream Entry; coursing un-self-consciously in the Dharma (7:48)
10. Subhuti's words on himself as an Arhat (Stream Entrant); moments of faith (3:37)
Spiritual Transmission and Lineage 

'Spiritual Transmission and Lineage' is a detailed, intimate and heartfelt talk from Saddhanandi looking at the relationship …

Saddhanandi 2007
06. Sangharakshita on a threefold lineage in the FWBO - teaching, practice and inspiration; Stream Entry and freedom from the first three fetters (4:41)
From Enchantment to True Delight - Reflections On Stream Entry 

In this rich, comprehensive talk, Punyamala sets out the path from effective to Real Going For Refuge using the framework …

Punyamala 2009
01. From Enchantment to True Delight - Reflections On Stream Entry (1:01:29)
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