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Three Perspectives On the Practice of Spiritual Friendship 

Three short talks on the theme of spiritual friendship that flow beautifully into one another: …

Various 2010
01. Narottama - Say not so, Ananda, say not so, spiritual friendship is the whole of the spiritual life (8:34)
03. Viriyalila - The Third of Consciousness: Creating Contexts for Deepening the Practice of Spiritual Community (16:12)
Spiritual Friendship 

Padmavajra explains the central importance of spiritual friendship as path to enlightenment.

Padmavajra 2011
01. Spiritual Friendship (52:53)
With a Little Help From My Friends - Spiritual Friendship In the Context of Team Based Right Livelihood 

The penultimate talk in the second series of 'Year of Kalyana Mitrata talks' from the Cambridge Buddhist Centre. …

Aryajaya 2013
01. With a Little Help From My Friends - Spiritual Friendship In the Context of Team Based Right Livelihood (51:43)
What Is Spiritual Friendship 

In the fourth talk in the series on The Six Distinctive Emphases of Triratna, Jvalamalini introduces the importance of spiritual

Jvalamalini 2015
01. What Is Spiritual Friendship (28:11)
The Reality of Spiritual Friendship 

Ratnaghosha explores the Buddha's teaching of Spiritual friendship being the whole …

Ratnaghosha 2016
01. The Reality of Spiritual Friendship (50:40)
Spiritual Friendship 

Another fascinating and uplifting exchange, with Abhayanara interviewing Sanghadeva about Spiritual Friendship. Sanghadeva …

Sanghadeva 2017
01. Spiritual Friendship (52:45)
What Is Spiritual Friendship? 

This is the second talk in a four part series on Spiritual Friendship given at the San …

Danadasa 2018
01. What Is Spiritual Friendship? (41:46)
Spiritual Friendship and the Tantric Rites 

Vajratara introduces the theme of spiritual friendship or kalyana mitrata. What is spiritual

Vajratara 2019
01. 1 :Spiritual Friendship and the Tantric Rites (52:08)
Spiritual Friendship: Ideal Versus Real 

The Keynote talk from Day 2 of the 2018 Great Gathering at Taraloka. In this talk, Maitrisiddhi shows us the importance …

Maitrisiddhi 2018
01. Spiritual Friendship: Ideal versus Real (59:03)
Spiritual Friendship and the Four Tantric Rites 

The talk was part of an Order/mitra retreat and takes as its theme the relationship between the four tantric rites and spiritual

Maitrisara 2019
01. Spiritual Friendship and the Four Tantric Rites (53:25)
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