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Title Speaker Year
This Way Up – Living the Spiral Path. 

Saraha has studied and reflected on the Pali canon over the years and within this talk his enthusiasm and practical approach …

Saraha 2010
01. This Way Up – Living the Spiral Path. (54:42)
The Spiral Path: The Great Escape 

'The Spiral Path....The great escape'

Khemasuri 2011
01. The Spiral Path: The Great Escape (49:11)
This Being Day 5, The Spiral Path 

Dhivan talks about the spiral path and emphasises how it naturally unfolds.

Dhivan 2014
01. This Being Day 5, The Spiral Path (1:02:49)
The Spiral Path 

Subhadramati kicks off the seminar on 'The Taste of Freedom' with an introduction to the 'spiral

Subhadramati 2019
01. The Spiral Path (59:41)
Twenty Four Nidana Reflection 

This is guided reflection on the 24 nidanas led by Dhivan, to accompany the 'Conditionality' module of the Dharma …

Dhivan 2009
02. Spiral Path 1st Nidana: Dukkha (1:30)
03. Spiral Path 2nd Nidana: Faith (1:30)
04. Spiral Path 3rd Nidana: Joy (1:30)
05. Spiral Path 4th Nidana: Rapture (1:30)
06. Spiral Path 5th Nidana: Tranquillity (1:30)
07. Spiral Path 6th Nidana: Bliss (1:30)
08. Spiral Path 7th Nidana: Concentration (1:30)
09. Spiral Path 8th Nidana: Knowledge and Vision (1:30)
22. Spiral Path 9th Nidana: Disenchantment (2:00)
23. Spiral Path 10th Nidana: Dispassion (1:30)
24. Spiral Path 11th Nidana: Liberation (1:30)
25. Spiral Path 12th Nidana: Knowledge of Destruction; Conclusion (2:15)
The Stages of the Spiritual Path 

Practising Buddhism (so much harder than understanding it) involves breaking the chain of the twelve negative links, or nidanas, …

Sangharakshita 1966
05. Where does the spiritual path begin? (dukkha) (8:38)
Stream Entry 

Ordinary experience is governed by the endless round of the Wheel of Life, which can be gradually halted by treading the …

Sangharakshita 1965
02. The law of conditionality; cyclical and spiral conditionality (8:13)
05. The second sandhi: intersection of the wheel and the spiral (4:51)
06. The ‘sudden path’: the story of Bahiya (5:47)
07. The ‘gradual path’ in terms of the first seven of the twelve positive nidanas (links) (15:30)
The Stages of the Spiritual Path (Reprised) 

A detailed explanation, significantly different from Sangharakshita's earlier talk on the same theme, of the twelve positive …

The Psychology of Spiritual Development 

A discussion of the law of conditionality and its two trends, represented by the twelve links on the Wheel of Life and the …

Sangharakshita 1967
Nirvana is The Supreme Bliss 

Padmavajra evokes the Buddha-to-be in his spiritual crisis after 6 years of extreme, ascetic practices were not getting him …

Padmavajra 2010
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