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Absolute and Conventional Truth 

From the series of evenings exploring the message of Shantideva. Guided reflections on absolute and conventional …

Bhadra 2016
Religion Without God, Part 4 - Magic For the Modern World 

The final talk in 'Religion without God', a four-part series looking at how you can have a full spiritual life as …

Candradasa 2012
05. Padmavajra's Alchemy of Love; Shantideva and the Bodhicaryavatara; exchange of self and other; the Philosopher's Stone; quickilver (mercury); the Bodhicitta (Bodhichitta) (5:01)
Some Thoughts on the Bodhicaryavatara 

The Bodhicaryavatara is an 8th century text written by Shantideva, a Buddhist monk from the monastic 'university' …

Dhammadinna 2008
Wisdom In the Bodhicaryavatara (5 of 6) 

The whole of the Bodhicaryavatara builds to Shantideva's exposition on Wisdom. Yet often the commentaries …

Dharmashalin 2019
Das Bodhicaryavatara von Shantideva 

'Als einziges Heilmittel für die Leiden der Welt, als aller Erfüllung und jeden Glückes Quelle möge …

Jayachitta 1995
01. Das Bodhicaryavatara von Shantideva (55:20)
The Guarding of Awareness (Bodhicaryavatara 3 of 6) 

Contemporary society tells us that its important to get it all out and that we need to be kind to ourselves. However when …

Maitrisara 2019
Like a Block of Wood (Bodhicaryavatara 4 of 6) 

More counter-cultural stuff here, shouldn't we always express how we feel? Shantideva seems to be saying …

Maitrisara 2019
Spiritual Friendship: Ideal Versus Real 

The Keynote talk from Day 2 of the 2018 Great Gathering at Taraloka. In this talk, Maitrisiddhi shows us the importance …

Maitrisiddhi 2018
The Perfection of Wisdom and Dedication - Bodhicaryavatara Chapter 9 & 10 

In his final talk exploring Bodhicaryavatara, Padmavajra introduces us to Shantideva's exposition of …

Padmavajra 2020
A Bodhisattva's Mindfulness - Bodhicaryavatara Chapter 5 

'One should speak confident, measured words, clear in meaning, delighting the mind, pleasing to the ear, soft and slow, …

Padmavajra 2020
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