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Bhante’s Guru (2) - Sangharama 

Refuge Tree: Urgyen Sangharakshita's Gurus(2): Khachu Rimpoche, Chetrul Sangye Dorje, Dhardo Rimpoche, …

Subhuti 2020
Chatral Sangye Dorje 

Here's a splendid and wonderfully detailed talk from Dharmavira about the life of one of Tibetan Buddhism's great …

Dharmavira 1997
01. Chatral Sangye Dorje (49:51)
Chatral Sangye Dorje 

Chatral (Chetul) Sangye Dorje was born in 1913 and has just died in early January 2016. This is an excellent, …

Karunamati 2007
01. Introducing Chatral Sangye Dorje; background and approach to the Dharma (06:30)
03. Ratnaketu meeting with Chatral Sangye Dorje (06:30)
04. Similarities between Chatral Sangye Dorje methods and Triratna; Karunamati meeting with him (06:30)
05. A prayer for Chatral Sangye Dorje (06:30)
Chetul Sangye Dorje 

Here's a forthright and passionate talk, taking as its starting point the great contemporary Tibetan teacher (sometimes …

Vajratara 2007
01. Introduction to Chetul Sangye Dorje; Sangharakshita's first meeting with him (3:44)
03. The meaning of Chetul Sangye Dorje's name; a meeting with Thomas Merton (3:16)
09. Don't settle for a comfortable life; White Tara as a young girl; settling down; Chetul Sangye Dorje and the meat-eating teacher's disciple (3:39)
My Eight Main Teachers 

The FWBO's 'lineage' includes teachers from Theravadan, Chinese, and Tibetan traditions, and is described here …

Sangharakshita 1990
06. Chetul Sangye Dorje (5:18)
On Tara 

Here's a great treat from Taraloka Retreat Centre, where Sangharakshita inaugurates their new shrine cabin dedicated …

Sangharakshita 2007
02. Chetul Sangye Dorje (5:23)
Sangharakshita und seine Lehrer 

Sangharakshita wird von vielen Menschen als Lehrer verehrt - aber welche Lehrer hatte Sangharakshita? Wer hat ihn unterrichtet, …

Bodhimitra 1995
05. Chetul Sangye Dorje (1:54)