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The activity of emptiness is compassion


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A New Poem From Sangharakshita 

Given on August 30 2014 at the European Women's Convention held at Adhisthana. The theme of the convention was "The Bodhisattva's …

Parami 2014
01. A New Poem from Sangharakshita (05:13)
Sangharakshita Foresees His Death In 'Padmaloka' 

An exploration of Sangharakshita's poem 'Padmaloka' in which he looks forward …

Vishvapani 2018
01. Sangharakshita Foresees His Death In 'Padmaloka' (28:12)
Taking Refuge In The Buddha 

From 1 - 8 February 2015 Subhuti led an International Order Retreat at Triratnas Three Jewels Centre in Bodhgaya. To prepare …

Subhuti 2015
Sangharakshita Launches The Essential Sangharakshita and Living Ethically 

In a recent interview Sangharakshita spoke of his threefold legacy of Dharma teachings, practices and institutions. …

Sangharakshita 2009
01. Sangharakshita Launches The Essential Sangharakshita and Living Ethically (56:29)
For the Benefit of All Beings 

This talk was given by Parami as part of the Triratna Day celebrations of the 50th birthday of the Order. After a short …

Parami 2018
Sangha Day Talk, 2018 

In this talk on Sangha Day at Manchester Buddhist Centre, Vishangka uses Sangharakshita's poem, …

Vishangka 2018
Standing on Holy Ground 

In this lecture, by using his own poem 'The Scholars' as a reference point, Sangharakshita

Sangharakshita 1999
The Caves of Bhaja 

A moving poem in memory of Dharmachari Anagarika Maha Dhammavira, written, introduced and read by

Sangharakshita 1985
Footsteps of Delight 

A delightful talk indeed in which Sangharakshita looks at his own poem 'Sripada', …

Sangharakshita 2001
That's Where The Energy Is 

In this talk Saddharaja explores the spiritual faculty of virya (energy in pursuit of the good). He explores this in terms …

Saddharaja 2012
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