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Title Speakersorted Year
Rambles Around the Imagination 3 - the Natural World, Art and Aesthetics and Meditation  Subhuti 2010
Re-Launch of a New Voice  Subhuti 2009
SCIENCE of DHAMMA - Evolution and the Niyamas  Subhuti 2011
Buddha Day Talk 2013  Subhuti 2013
Adhisthana - the Sustaining Influence of the Dhamma Heroes  Subhuti 2013
The Transcendental Subject and the Five Aspects  Subhuti 2013
Rambles Around Reality - Consciousness Unfolds - Talk One  Subhuti 2013
Rambles Around Reality - Consciousness Unfolds - Talk Two  Subhuti 2013
Rambles Around Reality - Consciousness Unfolds - Talk Three  Subhuti 2013
Art and the Dhamma Life 1  Subhuti 2015
Taking Refuge In The Buddha  Subhuti 2015
The Absence of the Buddha  Subhuti 2015
The House Builder  Subhuti 2015
Placing Ourselves At the Feet of the Buddha Q and A.  Subhuti 2015
The Need to Revere  Subhuti 2015
The Ajapala Nigrodha Tree  Subhuti 2015
Aspects of Faith  Subhuti 2015
A Strong Sense of Urgency  Subhuti 2015
The First Ordination Vow  Subhuti 2015
Triratna@50 - For the Welfare of the World  Subhuti 2017
Talk 2; Connection Between Buddha, Babasaheb and Bhante  Subhuti 2019
Guru Stupa Ceremony (part 1 ) :Sangharama  Subhuti 2020
Guru Stupa Ceremony (Part 2) - Sangharama  Subhuti 2020
Bhante’s Guru (1) - Sangharama  Subhuti 2020
Bhante’s Guru (2) - Sangharama  Subhuti 2020
Three Myths of the Spiritual Life  Subhuti 2003
11. The three myths in Sangharakshita's teaching (07:22)
Death and Beyond  Subhuti 2022
Dharma Study: Connecting with the Enlightened Mind (series)  2019
A Supra-Personal Force (series)  Subhuti 2012
Bhaja Order Weekend - A Supra-Personal Force (series)  Subhuti 2012
Consciousness Unfolds (series)  Subhuti 2013
Placing Ourselves at the Feet of the Buddha (series)  2015
Manjughosa Stuti Sadhana Retreat - Guided Meditations (series)  2017
Breaking Through Psychological Conditioning  Suddhaka 2017
Peace Is a Fire  Sujayini 2015
Learning to Fly  Suriyavamsa 2017
Mindfulness Clear and Radiant  Suryadarshini 2017
04. Mindfulness as a buzz word & Sangharakshita's four levels of awareness (01:30)
Touching the Earth Puja  Suryadarshini 2019
Faith and Doubt In Ten Minutes  Suryadarshini 2018
Touching Enlightenment Through Mudra  Suryadarshini 2019
04. Sangharakshita on the Mandala of the Five Buddhas (03:52)
Suryagupta - Sangharakshita His Life and Work  Suryagupta 2015
01. Suryagupta - Sangharakshita his life and work (1:02:17)
Reverence as a Path  Suvarnaprabha 2008
What is the Sangha?  Suvarnaprabha 2007
02. Origins; three levels of sangha - arya, bhikkhu, maha; Sangharakshita on Sangha; a neglected jewel in the West - cultural difference (4:29)
03. 'Faith' type (follower) and 'Doctrine' type (follower); being free; Sangharakshita and sangha; balance between ideals and experience (4:55)
Vergänglichkeit - Gedanken zum (eigenen) Altern  Taracitta 2005
14. Patrul Rimpoche über das beharrliche Ignorieren von Vergänglichkeit. Sangharakshita über seine Erfahrung des Alterns. Vereinfache dein Leben (3:55)
Work, Inner Work, and the Search For Meaning  Taramani 2017
Dhamma In a Time of Climate Crisis  Tejopala 2019
Sangharakshita Fondateur De L'Ordre Bouddhiste Triratna  Ujumani 2022
Boeddhistische Helden Dichtbij Ons  Upekshadaka 2013
Triratna Buddhism  Vadanya 2010
Sangharakshita and the New Society  Vaddhaka 2015
01. Sangharakshita and the New Society (1:18:36)
A Mente: Reativa E Criativa / The Mind: Reactive and Creative  Vaddhaka 2020
Karma E As Cinco Niyamas / Karma and the Five Niyamas  Vaddhaka 2020
The Five Niyamas and the Evolution of the Human Brain  Vaddhaka 2010
Seeking a Vision For Humanity  Vaddhaka 2019
The Section on Evil from the Dhammapada  Vairocana 2009
We Have a Huge Barrel of Wine But No Cups  Vajradarshini 2005
06. Sangharakshita on literalism and craving; effective Going for Refuge and giving up limited ideas; the antidote to beauty (2:53)
07. ii. Utilitarianism; Sangharakshita's idea of the Greater Mandala of Uselessness; literal takes on aesthetics; breaking the cups (4:47)
Introducing the Satipatthana Sutta  Vajradevi 2017
How to Work with Sati (mindfulness) & What Awareness Is  Vajradevi 2019
The Spiritual Faculty of Viriya/Energy and Mindfulness  Vajradevi 2019
Mindfulness + Working with Mood + Walking Meditation  Vajradevi 2019
Working Mindfully with Craving and Aversion  Vajradevi 2019
Why We Need the New Society  Vajragupta (m) 2011
The Bodhisattvas Reply  Vajragupta (m) 2014
An Overview of the Refuge Tree  Vajragupta (m) 2022
Sangharakshita's Early Life  Vajrapriya 2017
01. Sangharakshita's Early Life (44:48)
The Greater Mandala of Uselessness  Vajrapriya 2018
Descend with the View, Ascend with the Conduct  Vajrapriya 2009
Remembering and Goal Setting  Vajrapriya 2017
Vedana  Vajrapriya 2017
Celebrating the Sangha  Vajrapriya 2019
Chetul Sangye Dorje  Vajratara 2007
01. Introduction to Chetul Sangye Dorje; Sangharakshita's first meeting with him (3:44)
04. A teaching to Paramartha; two mind-training slogans (lohjong); practising for yourself versus practising for others; a quote from Sangharakshita (5:51)
The Three Jewels of Buddhism  Vajratara 2010
Energy, the Tantric Precepts and Enlightenment  Vajratara 2011
Awareness Is Revolutionary  Vajratara 2014
Dr Ambedkar and His Importance For the Future of Buddhism  Vajratara 2014
The Buddha, The Bodhicitta and Bhante  Vajratara 2014
Buddhism and the Modern World  Vajratara 2015
Inspired by Ambedkar - Sangharakshitas Perspective  Vajratara 2015
Integration and Positive Emotion  Vajratara 2018
Spiritual Death and Rebirth  Vajratara 2018
Surrendering to a Greater Beauty: The Fourth Laksana  Vajratara 2019
Dr Ambedkar: Healing the World Through His Vision of Sacred Humanity  Vajratara 2019
Surrendering to a Greater Beauty: the Yidam As the Gateway to the Pure Realm  Vajratara 2019
The Dragon, The Tiger and The Wishfulfilling Jewel: Activating the Myth of the Bodhicitta  Vajratara 2021
Looking Deeper Into the Mind Precepts  Vajratara 2018
Vandanajyoti - Sangharakshita His Life and Work  Vandanajyoti 2015
01. Vandanajyoti - Sangharakshita His Life and Work (53:51)
Sangharakshita and his approach to Buddhism (series)  2017
Sangharakshita's life story (series)  2017
Reflections on Sangharakshita (series)  2017
A Symposium of Six Talks on the Buddha, Sangharakshita and Triratna (series)  2018
Themes from the Dharma Life of Urgyen Sangharakshita (Triratna International Council 2019) (series)  2019
A Symposium of Three Talks On the Buddha, Sangharakshita and Triratna  Various 2018
The Gifts We Have Been Given By Sangharakshita  Various 2018
03. Nagamitra - The gift of Doctor Ambedkar and Sangharakshita's presentation of his work (with a salutation to Lokamitra on 40 years of service to the Dhamma in India) (24:21)
04. Subhuti - The gift of Sangharakshita's presence in his life (18:45)
Commemorating the First Death Anniversary of Bhante Sangharakshita  Various 2019
Radical Dharma In Triratna - Looking Back and Ahead In Principle and Practice / Dharma radical en Triratna: mirando hacia atrás y hacia adelante en principio y práctica  Various 2019
Parinirvana Day 2019: A Life Well Lived  Various 2019
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