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Titlesorted Speaker Year
Sangharakshitas Gedankengut  Dharmapriya 2011
03. Wie Sangharakshita Denken an sich betrachtet (3:05)
10. Sangharakshita und die buddhistische Praxis (4:28)
Schools of Tibetan Buddhism  Sangharakshita 1968
SCIENCE of DHAMMA - Evolution and the Niyamas  Subhuti 2011
Seeing Into One’s Own Nature and Realising Buddhahood  Sangharakshita 1965
Sehen wie die Dinge sind  Sangharakshita 1999
Shakyamuni  Saddhanandi 2019
Shinran and Kabat-Zinn  Ratnaguna 2005
07. 'Hakurai' - 'the calculating, determining, manipulating mind' - and self-power; Shan Tao - 'good acts mixed with poison'; why self-power doesn't work; Amitabha's hakurai; self-power as doubt; Sangharakshita's 'Life is King' - entrusting to life (5:32)
Sickness, Great Compassion and The Inconceivable Emancipation  Padmavajra 2015
Simple Gifts  Vidyadevi 2014
Skillful Action: "cease to Do Evil, Learn to Do Good, Purify the Heart"  Singhamati 2019
Spiritual Death  Maitreyabandhu 2013
Spiritual Death - Spiritual Rebirth  Padmavajra 2013
Spiritual Death and Rebirth  Vajratara 2018
Spiritual Friendship  Sanghadeva 2017
Spiritual Friendship and the Heart's Release  Maitreyi 2018
Spiritual Friendship: Ideal Versus Real  Maitrisiddhi 2018
Spiritual Rebirth  Maitreyabandhu 2013
Spiritual Receptivity Retreat With Vessantara (Adhisthana 2017) - Day 1  Vessantara 2017
Spiritual Transmission and Lineage  Saddhanandi 2007
03. On 'Is a Guru Necessary?' by Sangharakshita; what a guru is and is not; points of agreement - a required relationship (2:36)
06. Sangharakshita on a threefold lineage in the FWBO - teaching, practice and inspiration; Stream Entry and freedom from the first three fetters (4:41)
07. Sangharakshita on not needing new teachers and practices; taking deeper what you already know; Tenzin Palmo's teaching from the togdens (4:04)
08. (N.B. Poor sound in places during this clip) Sangharakshita on going deeper into his own teachings; formal structures of practice in the FWBO compared to other traditions (4:37)
09. Sangharakshita on finding your own inner guru; spiritual reference points and authority in your life; the collective Order as the 'vertical relationship' (3:40)
13. Community and the future of Buddhism in the west; Joanna Macy and Thich Nhat Hanh on collective practice as a foundation of Awakening; Sangharakshita on the development of Buddhism through different cultures (3:27)
St. Jerome Revisited  Sangharakshita 1984
Standing on Holy Ground  Sangharakshita 1999
Steering to the Deep  Padmasagara 2016
Stream Entry  Sangharakshita 1965
Stream Entry: the Point of No Return  Sangharakshita 1969
Studying the Dharma of Happiness  Singhashri and Acarasiddhi 2007
Subhadramati - Beauty and Discipline  Subhadramati 2015
Surrender, the 5 Niyamas and Going For Refuge  Saccanama 2019
Suryagupta - Sangharakshita His Life and Work  Suryagupta 2015
01. Suryagupta - Sangharakshita his life and work (1:02:17)
Sutra of Golden Light - Confession  Padmavajra 2015
Sutra of Golden Light - The Bodhisattva Dream  Padmavajra 2015
Sutra of Golden Light - The Four Great Kings  Padmavajra 2015
Symbols of Life and Growth  Sangharakshita 1971
Symbols of Tibetan Buddhist Art  Sangharakshita 1968
Taking Refuge In The Buddha  Subhuti 2015
Talk 2; Connection Between Buddha, Babasaheb and Bhante  Subhuti 2019
Tara and the Tears of Avalokiteshvara  Sahajatara 2015
Teachings From a Spiritual Friend  Padmavajra 2012
That's What Bodhisattvas Do  Padmavajra 2019
That's Where The Energy Is  Saddharaja 2012
The Absence of the Buddha  Subhuti 2015
The Ajapala Nigrodha Tree  Subhuti 2015
The Analytical Psychology of the Abhidharma  Sangharakshita 1967
The Approach to Buddhism  Sangharakshita 1966
The Archetype of the Divine Healer  Sangharakshita 1971
The Arising of the Bodhichitta  Sangharakshita 1965
The Awakening Heart  Parami 2006
The Awakening of the Bodhi Heart  Sangharakshita 1969
The Axial Age and the Emergence of the ‘New Man’  Sangharakshita 1969
The Bodhicitta and Spiritual Community - Talk 4  Padmavajra 2013
The Bodhicitta and Spreading the Dharma - Talk 5  Padmavajra 2013
The Bodhisattva Hierarchy  Sangharakshita 1969
The Bodhisattva Ideal - Part 1  Sangharakshita 1999
The Bodhisattva Ideal - Part 2  Sangharakshita 1999
The Bodhisattva Ideal - Part 3  Sangharakshita 1999
The Bodhisattva Ideal - Part 4  Sangharakshita 1999
The Bodhisattva Ideal - Part 5  Sangharakshita 1999
The Bodhisattva Ideal - Part 6  Sangharakshita 1999
The Bodhisattva Ideal - Part 7  Sangharakshita 1999
The Bodhisattva Ideal - Part 8  Sangharakshita 1999
The Bodhisattva Ideal and the Order  Akashadevi 2017
The Bodhisattva Ideal In India  Amoghsiddhi 2019
The Bodhisattva Principle  Sangharakshita 1983
The Bodhisattva Vow  Sangharakshita 1969
The Bodhisattva’s Dream  Sangharakshita 1976
The Bodhisattvas Reply  Vajragupta 2014
The Buddha and Society  Vishvapani 2011
01. Introduction to the talk and the series; greeting Urgyen Sangharakshita ('Bhante') (3:04)
The Buddha and the Bodhisattva: Eternity and Time  Sangharakshita 1969
The Buddha in the Budget  Kuladharini 2016
The Buddha, Dr Ambedkar and Sangharakshita.  Subhuti 2013
01. The Buddha, Dr Ambedkar and Sangharakshita. (1:07:48)
The Buddha, God, and Reality  Sangharakshita 1966
The Buddha, The Bodhicitta and Bhante  Vajratara 2014
The Buddha; Just a Kind Old Man...  Dharmashalin 2014
The Buddha: Man or Superman?  Sangharakshita 1966
The Buddha's Enlightenment  Sangharakshita 2007
The Buddha's Going Forth  Khemasuri 2010
The Buddha's Victory  Sangharakshita 1987
The Buddha’s Noble Eightfold Path (series)  Sangharakshita 1968
The Buddha’s Philosophy of Personal Relations  Sangharakshita
The Buddha’s Philosophy of Right Speech  Sangharakshita
The Burning House - an Image from the White Lotus Sutra (series)  Various 2002
The Cave  Sangharakshita 1991
The Caves of Bhaja  Sangharakshita 1985
The Conscious Evolution of Man: Right Effort  Sangharakshita 1968
The Cosmic Refuge Tree (series)  2019
The Cosmic Significance of the Bodhisattva Ideal  Sangharakshita 1969
The Dalai Lama: His Reincarnations  Sangharakshita 1968
The Deer Hunter  Padmavajra 2007
The Depth Psychology of the Yogachara  Sangharakshita 1967
The Dharma and Denial  Manjuka 2006
The Diamond Sutra  Abhaya 2003
05. Hooked by the sutra; 'Clouded Dragon' by Sangharakshita - the 'central silence'; text as zen master; text as Vajrapani (3:34)
The Diamond Sutra  Sangharakshita 1969
The Diamond Sutra - Taking Mind to its Limits: Talk 7  Padmavajra 2005
03. Diamond Sutra logic; giving the Dharma - a quote from Sangharakshita, Wisdom Beoynd Words; the Bodhisattva as Dharma teacher (8:19)
The Diamond Sutra - Taking Mind to its Limits: Talk 8  Padmavajra 2005
11. Subhuti's tears - true perception; Sangharakshita on the sublime (3:04)
The Disappearing Buddha  Sangharakshita 1994
The Drama of Cosmic Enlightenment  Sangharakshita 1971
The Drama of Cosmic Enlightenment Part 1  Sangharakshita 1998
The Dynamics of Being  Sangharakshita 1966
The Ex-Untouchable Indian Buddhists  Sangharakshita 1983
02. Sangharakshita’s strong feelings for ex-Untouchables (4:38)
10. Sangharakshita’s background (3:59)
The First Ordination Vow  Subhuti 2015
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