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Titlesorted Speaker Year
Looking at the Bodhi Tree  Sangharakshita 1999
Looking Back - And Forward  Sangharakshita 2007
Looking Back - and Forward, Sangharakshita Speaks to the European Order Weekend  Sangharakshita 2010
01. Looking Back - and Forward: Sangharakshita Speaks to the European Order Weekend (26:32)
Looking Back Over My Chapter History  Dhammadinna 2010
Los Cuatro Regalos  Parami 2010
Love Your Enemy  Padmavajra 2004
10. Healing by forgiveness - you can't control events; forgiving life; Life is King by Sangharakshita - King Lear, "ripeness is all"; reading from John Middleton Murray on 'negative capability'; quote from Chekov "all things are forgiven" (8:59)
Mahasattva Fu Expounds the Scripture  Padmavajra 2004
01. A first sesshin; Sangharakshita and Zen; Mr. Chen (7:18)
Manjughosa Stuti Sadhana Retreat - Guided Meditations (series)  2017
Manjuvajra - Sangharakshita, His Life and Work  Manjuvajra 2015
01. Manjuvajra - Sangharakshita, his Life and Work (1:02:10)
Mantra der Weißen Tara  Nagadakini 2013
Masculinity and Femininity in the Spiritual Life  Sangharakshita 1969
Meaningful Work and Values (The Pleasures and Sorrows of Work)  Saddharaja 2011
Meditacion Mettabhavana  Dharmakirti 2019
Meditacion Mettabhavana O El Cultivo De Las Emociones Creativas Y Positivas  Dharmakirti 2016
Meditation Versus Psychotherapy  Sangharakshita 1970
Meditation: the Expanding Consciousness  Sangharakshita 1967
Meeting Spiritual Friends  Padmavajra 2016
Metta As Method and Support For Breaking Through to Buddhahood  Dharmashalin 2016
Milarepa: Devotion, Lineage and Discipleship (series)  2018
Mind Reactive - Mind Creative  Akashamitra 2015
Mind Reactive and Creative  Priyananda 2019
Mind Reactive and Creative - Week 1  Devamitra 2018
Mind Reactive and Creative - Week 2  Subhadramati 2018
Mind Reactive and Creative - Week 3  Padmavajra 2018
Mind: Reactive and Creative  Sangharakshita 1967
Mindfulness + Working with Mood + Walking Meditation  Vajradevi 2019
Mindfulness as Sadhana  Viveka 2005
03. Ordination; recollection - quote by Sangharakshita; samprajana - mindfulness of purpose; in western China, eastern Tibet - reminders of compassion; beware of stagnation (4:55)
04. A shared circle of engagement; exploring common values; Sangharakshita on the 'self'; a richness of selves (5:47)
08. The tip of the iceberg; investment in the superficial; Sangharakshita on the non-rational; fear, the mind and the European colonial worldview (4:43)
Mindfulness Clear and Radiant  Suryadarshini 2017
04. Mindfulness as a buzz word & Sangharakshita's four levels of awareness (01:30)
Mingling Souls - Launching Dear Dinoo, Letters to a Friend  Sangharakshita 2012
02. Bringing Dinoo to life; London coincidences; the Kazini of Chakung; working with Sangharakshita on footnotes (3:20)
03. Sangharakshita remembering - seeing people with appreciation; Dr Mehta; working on the notes (a Dickensian reverie); the book's audience, present and future (4:19)
04. Writing the introduction; an overview of the correspondents' lives in 1956; the challenge of writing about Sangharakshita; breadth and depth - seeing and intuition (3:28)
05. Two standout things about Sangharakshita; the ordinary and the extraordinary; kindness; a single stream of Dharma activity (2:32)
06. Sangharakshita - Life in Kalimpong and on the Plains of India; Bombay in the 1950s; the Parsee (Parsi) community; Zoroastrianism (4:12)
15. Letters of the Romantic poets; Byron's letters; Keats - 'a vale of soul making'; Coleridge's letters; Philip Larkin; Sangharakshita's own letter writing now (3:43)
Monks and Laymen in Buddhist Tibet  Sangharakshita 1968
Moving Against the Stream - Part 1  Sangharakshita 2019
Moving Against the Stream - Part 2  Sangharakshita 2019
Moving Against the Stream - Part 3  Sangharakshita 2019
Moving Against the Stream - Part 4  Sangharakshita 2019
Moving Against the Stream - Part 5  Sangharakshita 2019
Moving Against the Stream - Part 6  Sangharakshita 2019
My Eight Main Teachers  Sangharakshita 1990
03. Bhikkhu Jagdish Kasyap: at Benares and elsewhere with Sangharakshita; personal description (8:18)
04. Dhardo Rimpoche: tulku; early studies; first contact with Sangharakshita; on the train at the 2500th anniversary of Buddhism (13:22)
My Relation to the Order  Sangharakshita 1990
06. The importance of Sangharakshita’s relation to the Order (10:44)
10. Who is Sangharakshita? What is the Order? (11:09)
Nature, Man, and Enlightenment  Sangharakshita 1976
Nirvana  Sangharakshita 1966
No Dependence on Words and Letters  Sangharakshita 1965
On Being All Things to All Men  Sangharakshita 1979
On Tara  Sangharakshita 2007
On the Threshold of Enlightenment  Sangharakshita 1969
Order Puja Led by Bhante Sangharakshita  Sangharakshita 1983
01. Order Puja Led by Bhante Sangharakshita (1:05:54)
Order Talks On Sadhana - November 2018 (series)  2018
Our Work as Teachers and Practitioners  Kamalashila 2005
03. Disharmony in meditation teaching; a nudge from the 'FWBO files' - Sangharakshita's training and ours (6:02)
Out of Compassion for the World  Parami 2008
Padmasambhava Talk  Sangharakshita 1979
Padmasambhava: Tantric Guru of Tibet  Sangharakshita 1972
Padmavajra - Sangharakshita His Life and Work  Padmavajra 2015
01. Padmavajra - Sangharakshita His Life and Work (59:55)
Parables, Myths and Symbols of Mahayana Buddhism in the White Lotus Sutra (series)  Sangharakshita 1971
Parami’s Personal Wishlist For the Next 20 Years  Parami 2019
02. With loyalty to my teachers, I accept this ordination; criticism and relating to Sangharakshita as complex and human and, in some ways, flawed (08:18)
Parinirvana Day 2019: A Life Well Lived  Various 2019
Passing On the Flame  Ratnaghosha 2018
Peace Is a Fire  Singhamati 2015
Peace Is a Fire  Sujayini 2015
Placing Ourselves at the Feet of the Buddha (series)  2015
Placing Ourselves At the Feet of the Buddha Q and A.  Subhuti 2015
Poetry and Devotion in Buddhism: the Sevenfold Puja  Sangharakshita 1967
Positive Emotion - Skilled Action  Maitreyabandhu 2013
Precious Teachers - Part 1  Sangharakshita 2007
Precious Teachers - Part 3  Sangharakshita 2007
Precious Teachers - Part 4  Sangharakshita 2007
Precious Teachers - Part 5  Sangharakshita 2007
Precious Teachers Part 2  Sangharakshita 2007
Psycho-Spiritual Symbolism in the Tibetan Book of the Dead  Sangharakshita 1967
Pure Land Buddhism and the Supra-Personal Force  Ratnaguna 2016
Radical Dharma In Triratna - Looking Back and Ahead In Principle and Practice / Dharma radical en Triratna: mirando hacia atrás y hacia adelante en principio y práctica  Various 2019
Radical Inclusivity  Singhashri 2017
Rambles Around Reality - Consciousness Unfolds - Talk One  Subhuti 2013
Rambles Around Reality - Consciousness Unfolds - Talk Three  Subhuti 2013
Rambles Around Reality - Consciousness Unfolds - Talk Two  Subhuti 2013
Rambles Around the Imagination 1 - Defining Imagination  Subhuti 2010
Rambles Around the Imagination 3 - the Natural World, Art and Aesthetics and Meditation  Subhuti 2010
Ratnachuda - Sangharakshita His Life and Work  Ratnachuda 2015
01. Ratnachuda - Sangharakshita His Life and Work (46:57)
Re-Launch of a New Voice  Subhuti 2009
Readings from the Pali Canon  Sangharakshita 2000
Reason and Emotion in the Spiritual Life: Right Resolve  Sangharakshita 1968
Recollections and Reflections on My Going Forth  Sangharakshita 2007
02. Sangharakshita - India's independence and violent partition; in Kasali, East Punjab (2:13)
03. The 18th of August 1947 - Sangharakshita's 'Going Forth'; following the traditional example of the Buddha; the Buddha's own Going Forth (2:53)
04. From home to homelessness; Sangharakshita's family home destroyed by a V1 rocket (2:36)
Reflecting On the Life of the Buddha  Saddhanandi 2010
Reflection on Vasubandhu's Four Factors  Dhammadassin 2008
Reflections On Aryaloka  Nagabodhi 2010
Reflections on Going Forth  Sangharakshita 1997
01. Sangharakshita's Going Forth (12:40)
Reflections on Sangharakshita (series)  2017
Rejoicing In Bhante - Talk 1  Paramachitta 2010
01. Rejoicing In Sangharakshita - Talk 1 (7:31)
Rejoicing In Bhante - Talk 2  Lalitaratna 2010
01. Rejoicing In Sangharakshita - Talk 2 (16:24)
Rejoicing In Bhante - Talk 3  Akasasuri 2010
01. Rejoicing In Sangharakshita - Talk 3 (11:37)
Religion Without God, Part 3 - Death and the Biggest Questions of All  Candradasa 2012
02. Reading - The Dhammapada (Buddharakkhita, Thanissaro, Sangharakshita); Reality as textural experience, ourselves as flow (3:38)
11. A visit to Sangharakshita to discuss rebirth; Nyanatiloka Mahathera and Jung; the Abhidharma meditators mapping human experience (6:02)
Religion: Ethnic and Universal  Sangharakshita 1969
Remembering Ambedkar  Sangharakshita 2006
03. Visiting again, 3 years on; Dr. Ambedkar with arthritis; Sangharakshita as a little controversial himself; changing religion - the Dalits ('Untouchables') and Hindu caste discrimination (4:24)
Remembering and Goal Setting  Vajrapriya 2017
Remembering Sangharakshita  Vishvapani 2018
01. Remembering Sangharakshita (19:28)
Remembering Sangharakshita  Sthanasraddha 2019
01. Remembering Sangharakshita (39:40)
Reverence as a Path  Suvarnaprabha 2008
Revering And Relying Upon The Dharma  Saddhaloka 2011
Revering and Relying Upon the Dharma: Sangharakshita's Approach to Right View  Subhuti 2010
01. Revering and Relying Upon the Dharma: Sangharakshita's Approach to Right View (1:10:54)
Samadhi, the Higher Consciousness: Right Meditation  Sangharakshita 1968
Sangha As An Insight Practice  Jvalamalini 2010
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