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The culmination of wisdom is freedom from all views


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Title Speakersorted Year
Padmasambhava: The Lightning Guru of Energy  2021
Initiation into a New Life (series)  2014
Getting to Know Sangharakshita During the Infancy of the Triratna Buddhist Community  Abhaya 2016
01. Getting to know Sangharakshita during the infancy of Triratna Buddhist Community (1:01:47)
The Diamond Sutra  Abhaya 2003
05. Hooked by the sutra; 'Clouded Dragon' by Sangharakshita - the 'central silence'; text as zen master; text as Vajrapani (3:34)
Who Is Sangharakshita  Achala 2014
01. Who is Sangharakshita (42:29)
Philosophy Symposium: In Search of the ‘Transcendental’ (series)  2022
Rejoicing In Bhante - Talk 3  Akasasuri 2010
01. Rejoicing In Sangharakshita - Talk 3 (11:37)
What To Rely On In Our Dharma Lives  Akasati 2017
Going For Refuge  Akashadevi 2017
The Bodhisattva Ideal and the Order  Akashadevi 2017
Mind Reactive - Mind Creative  Akashamitra 2015
Transforming Self and World Part 2: Buddhist Politics  Akuppa 2020
Buddhism and Ecology  Akuppa 2005
11. Making an individual connection; letting in the lessons - healing anxiety, guilt and alienation; quote from 'The Veil of Stars' by Sangharakshita (2:45)
For Heroic Spirits Intended  Alokadhara 2015
Sangharakshita - His Life and Work  Amaraghosha 2015
01. Sangharakshita - His Life and Work (57:56)
The Bodhisattva Ideal In India  Amoghasiddhi 2019
India's Dhamma Revolution  Amoghasiddhi 2019
Gift of a Garden In a Wilderness  Ananda 2017
Sangharakshita, der Mensch  Anomarati 1995
04. Sangharakshita und Avalokitesvara (09:27)
05. Sangharakshita und Manjusri (09:27)
06. Sangharakshita und Vajrapani (09:27)
07. Sangharakshita und Tara (09:27)
08. Sangharakshita und Padmasambhava (09:27)
09. Sangharakshita - wie er gesehen werde möchte (09:27)
Een Intro Tot Triratna  Arthakusalin 2014
Who Is Sangharakshita  Arthapriya 2014
01. Who Is Sangharakshita (52:03)
Bhante Sangharakshita  Aryabandhu 2016
01. Bhante Sangharakshita (29:05)
Sangharakshita’s First Connection with His Teachers and Receiving Practices (Triratna International Council 2019)  Aryajaya 2019
01. Aryajaya - Sangharakshita’s First Connection with His Teachers and Receiving Practices (22:52)
Sangharakshita's Life In Kalimpong  Ashvajit 2017
01. Sangharakshita's Life in Kalimpong (46:29)
Gift of Shepherds' Round-Dance  Bhadra 2017
Fidelity, Emergence and the Greater Mandala  Bhadra 2019
Bell, Book and Candle - Triratna Today and Tomorrow  Bodhidasa 2019
Chanting For the Buddha  Bodhilila 2017
Sangharakshita und seine Lehrer  Bodhimitra 1995
09. Urgyen Sangharakshita (2:56)
13. Dhardo Rimpoche über Sangharakshita (3:01)
Buddhismus und Sexualität  Bodhimitra 1997
09. - Sangharakshita (8:09)
Zufluchtnahme zu den drei Juwelen  Bodhimitra 1996
04. Die Wiederentdeckung der Zufluchtnahme durch Sangharakshita (2:13)
Dharmastudium  Bodhimitra 1995
07. Sangharakshita über den idealen Schüler (03:29)
Religion Without God, Part 3 - Death and the Biggest Questions of All  Candradasa 2012
02. Reading - The Dhammapada (Buddharakkhita, Thanissaro, Sangharakshita); Reality as textural experience, ourselves as flow (3:38)
11. A visit to Sangharakshita to discuss rebirth; Nyanatiloka Mahathera and Jung; the Abhidharma meditators mapping human experience (6:02)
The Meaning of Art in the FWBO (Die Bedeutung von Kunst in den FWBO, heute Triratna)  Chintamani 1995
02. Chintamanis Werdegang und seine Begegnung mit den FWBO und Sangharakshita (31:48)
The True Nature of All Dharmas  Danadasa 2019
The Taste of Freedom; Celebrating Sangharakshita  Dayabhadra 2015
01. The Taste of Freedom; Celebrating Sangharakshita (55:47)
Wisdom Seminar Week 3 - the Essence of the Matter 2  Dayabhadra 2013
Dayapakshini - Sangharakshita, His Life and Work  Dayapakshini 2015
01. Dayapakshini - Sangharakshita, his Life and work (46:37)
Mind Reactive and Creative - Week 1  Devamitra 2018
A Vision of Grandfathers  Devamitra 2016
Reflection on Vasubandhu's Four Factors  Dhammadassin 2008
Contemplating the Faults of Existence  Dhammadassin 2010
Sangharakshita - His Life and Work  Dhammadinna 2015
01. Sangharakshita - His Life and Work (1:01:18)
Looking Back Over My Chapter History  Dhammadinna 2010
Bhante - Teacher and Friend  Dhammadinna 2013
Bhante - Poetry, Myth And Imagination  Dhammadinna 2014
What is Mind?  Dhammadinna 2001
01. Lineage of material on Mind; Yeshe Gyaltsen's 'Necklace of Clear Understanding'; Sangharakshita's 'Know Your Mind'; Subhuti's talks on 'Mind and Mental Events' (3:31)
Sangharakshita  Dhammaketu 2011
Comment Faire Croitre La Sangha  Dhammaketu 2009
Looking Ahead A Little Way (Triratna International Council 2019)  Dhammarati 2019
01. Implications After Sangharakshita’s Death (31:04)
The Individual and Community - the Triratna Buddhist Order  Dhammarati 2010
A System of Training  Dhammarati 2008
04. Sangharakshita on the Triratna system of meditation (3:07)
How to Study the 'Survey'?  Dharmadipa 2022
Meditacion Mettabhavana O El Cultivo De Las Emociones Creativas Y Positivas  Dharmakirti 2016
Meditacion Mettabhavana  Dharmakirti 2019
Sangharakshita - Traditionalist Oder Radikalist?  Dharmapriya 1994
01. Sangharakshita - Traditionalist Oder Radikalist? (2:0-18:32)
Sangharakshitas Gedankengut  Dharmapriya 2011
03. Wie Sangharakshita Denken an sich betrachtet (3:05)
10. Sangharakshita und die buddhistische Praxis (4:28)
Sangharakshita; the Early Years 1925-1964  Dharmashalin 2014
01. Sangharakshita; the early years 1925-1964 (26:54)
Sangharakshita and Triratna; 1967-2014  Dharmashalin 2014
01. Sangharakshita and Triratna; 1967-2014 (31:05)
The Buddha; Just a Kind Old Man...  Dharmashalin 2014
Metta As Method and Support For Breaking Through to Buddhahood  Dharmashalin 2016
Breaking Through Psychological Conditioning  Dharmasri 2016
Chatral Sangye Dorje  Dharmavira 1997
Sangharakshita As Buddhist Modernist: The Case of the Five Niyamas  Dhivan 2019
01. Sangharakshita as Buddhist Modernist: The Case of the Five Niyamas (52:14)
Sangharakshita On Buddhist Philosophy  Dhivan 2019
01. Sangharakshita on buddhist philosophy (1:14:39)
Twenty Four Nidana Reflection  Dhivan 2009
Sangharakshita As Friend and Teacher  Guhyavajra 2015
01. Sangharakshita as Friend and Teacher (41:34)
Introducing the Form of the Heart Sutra  Hridayagita 2017
The Heart Sutra: Thunderclaps 5 and 6  Hridayagita 2017
Heart Sutra Chanting In Sanskrit  Hridayagita 2018
Commitment first, lifestyle second: Sich einzulassen ist das Wichtigste, die Art zu leben das Zweitwichtigste  Jayachitta 1998
Buddhism and Non-Violent Communication (NVC)  Jayaraja 2005
01. NVC as enhancing one's understanding of the Dharma; personally inspired by the Western Buddhist Order, Marshall Rosenberg and Sangharakshita (9:22)
05. Sangharakshita on Perfect Speech; awareness of feelings; valuing the form of NVC; connection between word and thought; two quotes from the Dhammapada on anger and ill-will (6:15)
08. Sangharakshita on the 1st precept, from The Ten Pillars; judging people as right and wrong versus relating to needs; manasakara, where one places one's attention (7:54)
What is Enlightenment?  Jinapriya 2003
06. The Buddha as a wise friend - pure love; being 'awake'; Sangharakshita on 'Enlightened experience' (4:30)
Dhardo Rimpoche  Jnanacandra 2009
12. Freundschaft Mit Sangharakshita (7:57)
Die Botschaft von Dhardo Rimpoche  Jnanacandra 2009
Der Westliche Buddhistische Orden - ein Porträt  Jnanacandra 2003
Triratnas Praxissystem - Einführung  Jnanacandra 2013
Die leere Hand - Die Kunst des Gebens im Buddhismus  Jnanacandra 2002
Allein mir fehlt der Glaube. Der Platz von Vertrauen in der buddhistischen Übung  Jnanacandra 2009
05. Sraddha; Schwierigkeiten bei der Uebersetung des Begriffs; Definitionen von Govinda und Sangharakshita (4:54)
Breaking Through Into Buddhahood  Jnanavaca 2012
Evolution Or Extinction - (the Buddhist Approach To) Current World Problems  Jnanavaca 2012
The Bi-Tendential Value of Being & The Greater Mandala - Week 1  Jnanavaca 2019
'Buddhism & World Problems' (The Bi-Tendential Value of Being & The Greater Mandala - Week 3)  Jnanavaca 2019
What Is Sangha & Kalyana Mitrata?  Jnanavaca 2019
Three Myths Final Words  Jnanavaca and Maitreyabandhu 2020
Sangha As An Insight Practice  Jvalamalini 2010
Our Work as Teachers and Practitioners  Kamalashila 2005
03. Disharmony in meditation teaching; a nudge from the 'FWBO files' - Sangharakshita's training and ours (6:02)
Everything That Lives Is Holy  Kamalashila 2016
Buddhism and the Natural World: Deep Ecology, Deep Dharma  Kamalashila 2005
09. Sangharakshita's book review on 'DH Lawrence and the Spiritual Community' - four principles of spiritual community; sexual relationships and community living (7:17)
Chatral Sangye Dorje  Karunamati 2007
Karunamaya - Sangharakshita, His Life and Work  Karunamaya 2015
01. Karunamaya - sangharakshita, His Life and Work (1:00:30)
The Buddha's Going Forth  Khemasuri 2010
Building an Ethical Underworld - Lessons from the Mafia  Khemasuri 2007
01. 'Evolution or extinction' by Sangharakshita (1971) - this talk as a response; the Buddha's basic teaching and experience; conceptual constructions of a specific time and culture - 'pratitya samutpada' ('dependent arising') and 'general systems theory' (3:22)
Ethics in the Order, A Good Place to Start  Khemasuri 2009
01. Outlining the influences on this talk including reflections on pratitya samutpada, paradigm shifts in science and Sangharakshita’s 1971 lecture ‘Evolution or extinction, a Buddhist view of world problems’. (4:54)
The Buddha in the Budget  Kuladharini 2016
The Power of Love, the Love of Power  Kulanandi 2014
We Know What You've Studied, But What Have You Seen?  Kulaprabha 2006
Vasubandhu's Treatise on Generating Bodhi Resolve  Kulaprabha 2009
Contemplating the Suffering of Beings  Kulaprabha 2010
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