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Title Speaker Year
Sangharakshita Launches The Essential Sangharakshita and Living Ethically  Sangharakshita 2009
01. Sangharakshita Launches The Essential Sangharakshita and Living Ethically (56:29)
In Retrospect: A Conversation With Sangharakshita  Sangharakshita 2007
05. The risk of the FWBO losing its edge; reactions to Sangharakshita himself and the unfathomable nature of human beings; his own practice - meditation, reflection, and intuitions about the nature of reality; dreams of his teachers and archetypal dreams (8:02)
07. Deciding to have sexual relationships - what the word 'experiment' means to Sangharakshita; wearing robes while being sexually active - neither monk nor lay; on the subject of teachers being sexually active with disciples - two models; on women (9:33)
Launch of The Essential Sangharakshita and Living Ethically  Sangharakshita 2009
01. The origin of the Sangharakshita Reader, outlining his literary legacy; small gap where Bhante discusses his source material (4:54)
Sangharakshita in Conversation with Kathleen Raine  Sangharakshita and Kathleen Raine 1988
13. Sangharakshita's complaint about non-Buddhists being considered authorities on Buddhism; a defence of animism; marigold garlands for the sacred; the destruction of trees in India (6:02)
Sangharakshita - Reading Poems About Friendship  Sangharakshita 1990
01. Sangharakshita - Reading Poems about Friendship (2:0-16:59)
An Evening with Sangharakshita: Facing Mount Kanchenjunga  Sangharakshita 1991
01. Sangharakshita - Facing Mount Kanchenjunga (52:01)
An Evening with Sangharakshita: Questions and Answers with the Sangha  Sangharakshita 2005
01. Introduction by Jnanagarbha and Sangharakshita (1:42)
Glimpses of the Mythic Life of Sangharakshita  Padmavajra 2008
01. Glimpses of the Mythic Life of Sangharakshita (1:19:29)
Revering and Relying Upon the Dharma: Sangharakshita's Approach to Right View  Subhuti 2010
01. Revering and Relying Upon the Dharma: Sangharakshita's Approach to Right View (1:10:54)
Sangharakshita's System of Training; 1. The System  Subhuti 2007
01. Sangharakshita's System of Training; 1. The System (1:09:43)
Sangharakshita's System of Training; 3. Practices  Subhuti 2007
01. Sangharakshita's System of Training; 3. Practices (1:20:16)
Sangharakshita - Traditionalist Oder Radikalist?  Dharmapriya 1994
01. Sangharakshita - Traditionalist Oder Radikalist? (2:0-18:32)
The Refuge Tree: Sangharakshita  Sona 2008
01. The Refuge Tree: Sangharakshita (1:29:39)
Book Re-Launch of 'Sangharakshita: A New Voice' by Subhuti At the LBC  Subhuti 2009
01. Book Re-Launch of 'Sangharakshita: A New Voice' by Subhuti At the LBC (2:0-28:28)
Sangharakshita und seine Lehrer  Bodhimitra 1995
09. Urgyen Sangharakshita (2:56)
13. Dhardo Rimpoche über Sangharakshita (3:01)
Kalyana Mitrata - My Relationship with Sangharakshita  Subhuti 2013
01. Kalyana Mitrata - My Relationship with Sangharakshita (1:22:44)
The Buddha, Dr Ambedkar and Sangharakshita.  Subhuti 2013
01. The Buddha, Dr Ambedkar and Sangharakshita. (1:07:48)
Who Is Sangharakshita  Achala 2014
01. Who is Sangharakshita (42:29)
Sangharakshita; the Early Years 1925-1964  Dharmashalin 2014
01. Sangharakshita; the early years 1925-1964 (26:54)
Sangharakshita and Triratna; 1967-2014  Dharmashalin 2014
01. Sangharakshita and Triratna; 1967-2014 (31:05)
Gathering Wisdom While We May - The Opening of the Sangharakshita Library  Vidyadevi 2015
03. Vidyadevi - Gathering Wisdom While We May; Sangharakshita and his books (00:40)
09. Launching Metaphors, Magic, and Mystery by Sangharakshita; words and their relationship to truth (00:40)
10. Friends of the Sangharakshita Library; the last word to Sangharakshita - Nalanda Revisited (00:40)
13. Vajragupta - The exhibition to mark the 90th birthday of Sangharakshita (00:40)
Sangharakshita, der Mensch  Anomarati 1995
04. Sangharakshita und Avalokitesvara (09:27)
05. Sangharakshita und Manjusri (09:27)
06. Sangharakshita und Vajrapani (09:27)
07. Sangharakshita und Tara (09:27)
08. Sangharakshita und Padmasambhava (09:27)
09. Sangharakshita - wie er gesehen werde möchte (09:27)
Sangharakshita As Friend and Teacher  Guhyavajra 2015
01. Sangharakshita as Friend and Teacher (41:34)
Sangharakshita - His Life and Work  Dhammadinna 2015
01. Sangharakshita - His Life and Work (1:01:18)
Sangharakshita - His Life and Work  Amaraghosha 2015
01. Sangharakshita - His Life and Work (57:56)
Sangharakshita and the New Society  Vaddhaka 2015
01. Sangharakshita and the New Society (1:18:36)
Manjuvajra - Sangharakshita, His Life and Work  Manjuvajra 2015
01. Manjuvajra - Sangharakshita, his Life and Work (1:02:10)
The Taste of Freedom; Celebrating Sangharakshita  Dayabhadra 2015
01. The Taste of Freedom; Celebrating Sangharakshita (55:47)
Dr Ambedkar and Sangharakshita  Nagabodhi 2016
01. Dr Ambedkar and Sangharakshita (40:40)
Sangharakshita's Early Life  Vajrapriya 2017
01. Sangharakshita's Early Life (44:48)
Sangharakshita's Life In Kalimpong  Ashvajit 2017
01. Sangharakshita's Life in Kalimpong (46:29)
Sangharakshita and the Shadow of the Past  Vishvapani 2017
02. Why discuss this now? Triratna's history with controversy; on sexual misconduct; Sangharakshita's statement (08:21)
06. Sangharakshita from 'My Relation To The Order' (01:52)
Dr BR Amedkar, Urgyen Sangharakshita and Entering the Stream of the Dhamma  Mahamati 2017
01. Dr BR Amedkar, Urgyen Sangharakshita and Entering the Stream of the Dhamma (58:56)
The Gifts We Have Been Given By Sangharakshita  Various 2018
03. Nagamitra - The gift of Doctor Ambedkar and Sangharakshita's presentation of his work (with a salutation to Lokamitra on 40 years of service to the Dhamma in India) (24:21)
04. Subhuti - The gift of Sangharakshita's presence in his life (18:45)
Remembering Sangharakshita  Vishvapani 2018
01. Remembering Sangharakshita (19:28)
Sangharakshita Foresees His Death In 'Padmaloka'  Vishvapani 2018
01. Sangharakshita Foresees His Death In 'Padmaloka' (28:12)
Getting to know Urgyen Sangharakshita through his Poetry  Ratnaguna 2018
01. Getting to Know Urgyen Sangharakshita Through His Poetry (36:55)
Remembering Sangharakshita  Sthanasraddha 2019
01. Remembering Sangharakshita (39:40)
Sangharakshita’s First Connection with His Teachers and Receiving Practices (Triratna International Council 2019)  Aryajaya 2019
01. Aryajaya - Sangharakshita’s First Connection with His Teachers and Receiving Practices (22:52)
Last Glimpses of Sangharakshita  Mahamati 2018
01. 01 Introduction - ways of knowing Sangharakshita personally (05:00)
02. 02 The last few years of Sangharakshita's life - suffering , creativity and communication (04:15)
03. 03 Sangharakshita at Madhyamaloka; losing his eyesight (05:59)
04. 04 Living alone; Sangharakshita's gratitude to his friends during periods of vulnerability (06:44)
08. 08 Sangharakshita's own interest in controversy around his sexual activity and acceptance of the language of unskilfulness (04:21)
Sangharakshita As Buddhist Modernist: The Case of the Five Niyamas  Dhivan 2019
01. Sangharakshita as Buddhist Modernist: The Case of the Five Niyamas (52:14)
Sangharakshita On Buddhist Philosophy  Dhivan 2019
01. Sangharakshita on buddhist philosophy (1:14:39)
Sangharakshita - An Appraisal Two Years On  Saccanama 2020
01. Sangharakshita - An Appraisal Two Years On (42:58)
The Diamond Sutra, Sangharakshita and Us: An Introduction  Satyalila 2019
01. The Diamond Sutra, Sangharakshita and us: an introduction (51:11)
Urgyen Sangharakshita: The Bodhisattva's Reply  Padmavajra 2019
01. Urgyen Sangharakshita: The Bodhisattva's Reply (1:04:50)
Looking Back - and Forward, Sangharakshita Speaks to the European Order Weekend  Sangharakshita 2010
01. Looking Back - and Forward: Sangharakshita Speaks to the European Order Weekend (26:32)
Order Puja Led by Bhante Sangharakshita  Sangharakshita 1983
01. Order Puja Led by Bhante Sangharakshita (1:05:54)
The FWBO and the Path of Spiritual Development  Sangharakshita 2009
01. Sangharakshita recounts his first visit to Essen; reflections on the 42nd anniversary of the FWBO / Sangharakshita erzahlt von seinem ersten Besuch in Essen; Gedanken zum 42 Jahrestag des FWBO (5:35)
04. Growth of the FWBO globally; Sangharakshita's experiences in Germany / Wachstum des FWBO weltweit; Sangharakshitas Erfahrungen in Deutschland (3:18)
05. Publishing the first spoken-word books; creation of the 'Essential Sangharakshita' around the many existing teachings / Die Herausgabe der ersten auf Vortragen basierenden Bucher; Zusammenstellung des ‘Essential Sangharakshita’ (5:25)
09. Sangharakshita's own experience and advice from the last 42 years of devotion to the FWBO / Sangharakshitas eigene Erfahrung und Ratschlag auf der Grundlage von 42 Jahren mit dem FWBO (2:16)
Launch of The Buddhist Vision and the Dhammapada  Sangharakshita and Subhuti 2001
01. Sangharakshita - Celebrating the founding of the FWBO in 1967; looking back to 1985 - Subhuti's book 'The Buddhist Vision'; launching a new edition (4:24)
02. Sangharakshita - Finding a good book title; reminiscing about early discussions on 'what Buddhism is' - religion, philosophy or science; quotes from the bible on vision - Proverbs 29, v 18, Habbakuk 2, v 2 (8:44)
03. Subhuti - Sangharakshita's translation of 'The Dhammapada'; being a translator; all you need to know for Enlightenment (2:49)
Living with Ethics  Sangharakshita 2009
01. Sangharakshita expresses katannuta, or gratitude, to Vidyadevi and Samacitta (6:10)
Entering the Sangha  Sangharakshita 2007
01. Kamalashila - Introduction: what is Buddhafield? Links with the founding of the FWBO – the radical exploration of alternatives; Sangharakshita's name – 'protector of the Sangha', 'protected by the Sangha' (4:06)
02. Sangharakshita - Sangharakshita's first time at Buddhafield; 'dharmapala' and 'dharma parlour' - the spider and the fly; Buddha, Dharma and Sangha together (3:43)
04. 'Untouchables' in the Hindu caste system; Dr Ambedkar and the mass conversion to Buddhism; Sangharakshita's time amongst the new Buddhists of India (5:13)
09. 'Vicikiccha' ('sceptical doubt') - not making up your mind; Sangharakshita's positive counterparts to the three fetters - being creative, committed and clear (4:10)
Mingling Souls - Launching Dear Dinoo, Letters to a Friend  Sangharakshita 2012
02. Bringing Dinoo to life; London coincidences; the Kazini of Chakung; working with Sangharakshita on footnotes (3:20)
03. Sangharakshita remembering - seeing people with appreciation; Dr Mehta; working on the notes (a Dickensian reverie); the book's audience, present and future (4:19)
04. Writing the introduction; an overview of the correspondents' lives in 1956; the challenge of writing about Sangharakshita; breadth and depth - seeing and intuition (3:28)
05. Two standout things about Sangharakshita; the ordinary and the extraordinary; kindness; a single stream of Dharma activity (2:32)
06. Sangharakshita - Life in Kalimpong and on the Plains of India; Bombay in the 1950s; the Parsee (Parsi) community; Zoroastrianism (4:12)
15. Letters of the Romantic poets; Byron's letters; Keats - 'a vale of soul making'; Coleridge's letters; Philip Larkin; Sangharakshita's own letter writing now (3:43)
Recollections and Reflections on My Going Forth  Sangharakshita 2007
02. Sangharakshita - India's independence and violent partition; in Kasali, East Punjab (2:13)
03. The 18th of August 1947 - Sangharakshita's 'Going Forth'; following the traditional example of the Buddha; the Buddha's own Going Forth (2:53)
04. From home to homelessness; Sangharakshita's family home destroyed by a V1 rocket (2:36)
Remembering Ambedkar  Sangharakshita 2006
03. Visiting again, 3 years on; Dr. Ambedkar with arthritis; Sangharakshita as a little controversial himself; changing religion - the Dalits ('Untouchables') and Hindu caste discrimination (4:24)
Dilgo Khyentse Rimpoche  Sangharakshita 1991
01. Introduction by Sangharakshita (2:43)
06. Sangharakshita: Meetings with Dilgo Khyentse (16:25)
The Nucleus of a New Society  Sangharakshita 1976
03. Sangharakshita’s discovery of Buddhism (7:14)
04. Sangharakshita’s life in Kalimpong (5:45)
05. Sangharakshita’s return to Great Britain in 1964 (6:02)
The Next Twenty Years  Sangharakshita 1988
02. ‘Self’ – Sangharakshita’s handing on responsibilities, and future (11:06)
Intellect, Emotion, and Will  Sangharakshita 1996
09. Sangharakshita’s plans for visiting FWBO Centres in the US, Canada, and Australasia (5:25)
Fields of Creativity  Sangharakshita 2002
07. The four fields of creativity in Sangharakshita's life (5:42)
My Relation to the Order  Sangharakshita 1990
06. The importance of Sangharakshita’s relation to the Order (10:44)
10. Who is Sangharakshita? What is the Order? (11:09)
The Larger Sukhavativyuha Sutra  Sangharakshita
01. Introduction by Sangharakshita (1:30)
The Rain of the Dharma  Sangharakshita 1994
02. Sangharakshita’s eight main teachers (6:18)
The Headship of the Order  Sangharakshita and Subhuti 2000
03. The function of the College. What will Sangharakshita himself be doing? (6:19)
Growing the Spiritual Community  Sangharakshita 2008
03. Parami introducing Sangharakshita (3:06)
04. Sangharakshita - a network of spiritual friends (7:16)
Reflections on Going Forth  Sangharakshita 1997
01. Sangharakshita's Going Forth (12:40)
Commitment and Spiritual Community  Sangharakshita 1979
02. Sangharakshita’s experience of Buddhist organisations (9:17)
Fifteen Points for Old and New Order Members  Sangharakshita 1993
17. Some personal remarks - Sangharakshita handing on his responsibilities (6:58)
Fragen und Antworten im Buddhistischen Zentrum Essen 1998  Sangharakshita 1998
14. Persönliche Fragen - Was macht Sangharakshita ärgerlich oder traurig (03:20)
15. Welche Entwicklungen im FWBO überraschen bzw. erfreuen Sangharakshita (03:20)
Sangharakshita and his approach to Buddhism (series)  2017
Sangharakshita's life story (series)  2017
Reflections on Sangharakshita (series)  2017
Who is Urgyen Sangharakshita? (series)  2018
Themes from the Dharma Life of Urgyen Sangharakshita (Triratna International Council 2019) (series)  2019
Sangharakshita  Dhammaketu 2011
Sangharakshita, der Denker  Sagaramati 1995
Living With Sangharakshita 2003 to 2008  Saraha 2015
Sangharakshita, the Unenlightened Englishman  Ratnaprabha 2017
Are Sangharakshita's Teachings Genuine Buddhism?  Ratnaprabha 2017
Exploring Urgyen Sangharakshita's Life :- Dh. Vidyaruchi  Vidyaruci 2018
Urgyen Sangharakshita as teacher of the Sravakayana, Paramitayana, and Mantrayana  Subhuti 2018
Sangharakshita's Funeral - Eulogies  Various speakers 2018
Commemorating the First Death Anniversary of Bhante Sangharakshita  Various 2019
Sangharakshita Fondateur De L'Ordre Bouddhiste Triratna  Ujumani 2022
Sangharakshita’s Transcendental Critique of Literalism  Viryadeva 2022
Who Is Sangharakshita  Arthapriya 2014
01. Who Is Sangharakshita (52:03)
A New Poem From Sangharakshita  Parami 2014
01. A New Poem from Sangharakshita (05:13)
Padmavajra - Sangharakshita His Life and Work  Padmavajra 2015
01. Padmavajra - Sangharakshita His Life and Work (59:55)
Vandanajyoti - Sangharakshita His Life and Work  Vandanajyoti 2015
01. Vandanajyoti - Sangharakshita His Life and Work (53:51)
Suryagupta - Sangharakshita His Life and Work  Suryagupta 2015
01. Suryagupta - Sangharakshita his life and work (1:02:17)
Karunamaya - Sangharakshita, His Life and Work  Karunamaya 2015
01. Karunamaya - sangharakshita, His Life and Work (1:00:30)
Dayapakshini - Sangharakshita, His Life and Work  Dayapakshini 2015
01. Dayapakshini - Sangharakshita, his Life and work (46:37)
Ratnachuda - Sangharakshita His Life and Work  Ratnachuda 2015
01. Ratnachuda - Sangharakshita His Life and Work (46:57)
Getting to Know Sangharakshita During the Infancy of the Triratna Buddhist Community  Abhaya 2016
01. Getting to know Sangharakshita during the infancy of Triratna Buddhist Community (1:01:47)
Bhante Sangharakshita  Aryabandhu 2016
01. Bhante Sangharakshita (29:05)
Imagination, Bhante Sangharakshita & Us  Satyalila 2017
01. Imagination, Bhante Sangharakshita & Us (48:03)
Bhante Urgyen Sangharakshita  Padmavajra 2018
01. Bhante Urgyen Sangharakshita (15:41)
Dhardo Rimpoche  Jnanacandra 2009
12. Freundschaft Mit Sangharakshita (7:57)
Sangharakshitas Gedankengut  Dharmapriya 2011
03. Wie Sangharakshita Denken an sich betrachtet (3:05)
10. Sangharakshita und die buddhistische Praxis (4:28)
Looking Ahead A Little Way (Triratna International Council 2019)  Dhammarati 2019
01. Implications After Sangharakshita’s Death (31:04)
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