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Women Elders of the Triratna Buddhist Community - Sanghadevi 

Sanghadevi, ordained in 1977, gives a talk about her spiritual life as part of the "Women Elders of …

Sanghadevi 2012
01. Women Elders of the Triratna Buddhist Community - Sanghadevi (1:06:42)
Confession as a Path to Transcendental Insight 

In a talk to the Western Buddhist Order, Sanghadevi looks at the relationship between Buddhist confession …

Sanghadevi 1999
The Way to the Beyond 

The final talk in the series The Buddha in the Pali Canon is a substantial talk by Sanghadevi on the praises …

Sanghadevi 2015

This short talk from Sanghadevi is the latest in our Sangha Night series on Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. The …

Sanghadevi 2017
The Arising of the Bodhicitta 

Sanghadevi is well known for her inspiring and informative talks. She takes us deeper into this most important …

Sanghadevi 2018
Year of Spiritual Community Talks 

A set of four talks to mark the Year of Spiritual Community at the Cambridge Buddhist Centre. Talks in order are given by: …

Various 2014
Reflections on Bodhicitta (series) 

Subhadramati, Sanghadevi, and Punyamala shared their reflections on the Bodhicitta in this series from the …

Celebrating Sangha 

Our keynote talk from Sangha Day 2019. (Please note that, unfortunately, the latter part of the talk is missing from the …

Sanghadevi 2019