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I Read the News Today, Oh Boy 

A talk on real practice in the sometimes painfully real world...

Padmakumara 2007
01. Introduction - the emergence of the topic of "sangha and the practice of human relating" (2:11)
08. The Buddha describes the qualities and interactions of an ideal sangha; sangha as the ideal of human relating (5:29)
Looking Ahead a Little Way 

At the last Western Buddhist Order convention of the 20th Century, Sangharakshita reviews the road travelled thus far and …

Sangharakshita 1999
10. Stream Entry: a radical transformation in the nature of Going for Refuge; four levels of the arising of the Bodhichitta; the real Bodhicitta as neither individualistic nor altruistic; manifesting Avalokiteshvara, becoming an Arya Sangha (7:50)
The Nucleus of a New Society 

Sangharakshita describes the events of his life that led him to found the Western Buddhist Order, and explains how an individual …

Sangharakshita 1976
06. The English Sangha Trust and the Hampstead Vihara (5:03)
Love and Desire 

This is the last in a great three-part series on 'The Alchemy of Love', Padmavajra's exploration of the transformative …

Padmavajra 2005
10. Imagination as magical ability - exercising imagination; identifying ourselves with others in metta bhavana; moving towards egolessness; the need for patience and support in developing love - Sangha as a good basis and example (6:18)
Death and Desire 

This is the second in a great three-part series on 'The Alchemy of Love', Padmavajra's exploration of the transformative …

Padmavajra 2004
04. Importance of the Bodhicharyavatara; Bodhisattva ideal as spirit of the WBO; a manual for spiritual practice; need for patience in the sangha (3:44)
The Diamond Sutra - Taking Mind to its Limits: Talk 6 

This is the sixth in a sparkling, wide-ranging, thoroughly comprehensive ten talk series by Padmavajra on 'The Diamond …

Padmavajra 2005
07. Using people and the development of metta (loving kindness); other people as shunyata - Cezanne's old man; Sangha - Alred of Riveaux (9:28)
The New Man Speaks 

This lecture celebrates the anniversary of the Buddha's decision to teach, with an account of the events just after his …

Sangharakshita 1972
02. Three great festivals: i. Vaishaka (Buddha Day) ii. Dharmachakrapravartana (Dharma Day) iii. The end of the rainy season retreat (Sangha Day) (8:37)
Monks and Laymen in Buddhist Tibet 

How orthodox is the Tibetan monastic tradition? This lecture explains the grades of seniority among Tibetan monks, their …

Sangharakshita 1968
01. Four jewels of Tibetan Buddhism, including three levels of sangha (9:05)
The History of My Going for Refuge 

An often inspiring autobiographical lecture taking up Sangharakshita's story from his earliest experiences of Buddhism …

Sangharakshita 1988
17. The communal context of Going for Refuge: the Sangha; the higher-evolutionary context: the twelve positive nidanas; the cosmic context: the Bodhisattva Ideal and the Cosmic Bodhichitta (15:23)
Discerning the Buddha 

In trying to discern the Buddha, we are trying to discern the highest kind of being: an Enlightened One. The Buddha, it seems, …

Sangharakshita 1986
07. The first three garavas: Satta, Dharma, Sangha (4:54)
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