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Dilgo Khyentse Rimpoche 

A talk given by Punyamala at Sangha Night, Sheffield Buddhist Centre (29th August 2006), about Jagdish Dilgo …

Punyamala 2006
Conclusion of the Refuge Tree 

A talk given by Vadanya at Sangha Night, Sheffield Buddhist Centre (5th September 2006), to conclude a series …

Vadanya 2006
The Gesture of Meditation 

A talk given by Vadanya at Sheffield Buddhist Centre on 14th November 2006, exploring the Dhyana Mudra or Gesture of Meditation. …

Vadanya 2006
What is the Sangha? 

Here's a wee jewel from San Francisco - an introduction to the idea of spiritual community in Buddhism. Suvarnaprabha …

Suvarnaprabha 2007
01. The Sangha and the Three Jewels - a spiritual cycle; definitions of the word 'sangha' (2:20)
02. Origins; three levels of sangha - arya, bhikkhu, maha; Sangharakshita on Sangha; a neglected jewel in the West - cultural difference (4:29)
03. 'Faith' type (follower) and 'Doctrine' type (follower); being free; Sangharakshita and sangha; balance between ideals and experience (4:55)
04. Challenging aspects of sangha - groups; giving and taking; Suvarnaprabha's experience of people at the San Francisco Buddhist Center (5:10)
05. Group conditioning and trust - what we bring with us; Chogyam Trungpa's mantra; the value of sangha - receiving projection; Rumi on the barriers to love (2:50)
07. How to create Sangha; community living; being on retreat; meditation and ethics (2:47)
08. The four 'Means of Unification of the Sangha' (sangrahavastus); generosity, kindly speech, beneficial activity, exemplifying (2:11)
09. Conclusion - everyone makes the sangha; Dhardo Rimpoche's slogan (1:36)
Entering the Sangha 

In 'Entering the Sangha', Sangharakshita goes to Buddhafield! A first for him, and a first for the …

Sangharakshita 2007
01. Kamalashila - Introduction: what is Buddhafield? Links with the founding of the FWBO – the radical exploration of alternatives; Sangharakshita's name – 'protector of the Sangha', 'protected by the Sangha' (4:06)
02. Sangharakshita - Sangharakshita's first time at Buddhafield; 'dharmapala' and 'dharma parlour' - the spider and the fly; Buddha, Dharma and Sangha together (3:43)
The Sangha Refuge 

In a talk on a Sangha Night at the Bristol Buddhist Centre in August 2007, Taranita describes the meaning …

Taranita 2007
01. The Sangha Refuge (42:14)
The Individual, the Group and the Spiritual Community 

Part of the "What is the Sangha?" series of talks at the SFBC. Can we retain our individuality …

Karunadevi 2007
Dimensions of the Three Jewels 

Vajratara gives an overview of key Buddhist texts, as an introduction to a series of Sangha Night talks …

Vajratara 2007
Sweet Smelling Metta (flowers From the Dhamapada) 

A talk given by Padmavajra at Sangha Night, Sheffield Buddhist Centre (6th November 2007), about the flowers …

Padmavajra 2007
Spiritual Transmission and Lineage 

'Spiritual Transmission and Lineage' is a detailed, intimate and heartfelt talk from Saddhanandi looking at the relationship …

Saddhanandi 2007
10. Pema Chodron on the Dharma and Sangha in place of a personal teacher; a community as a coral reef; knowing the 'pollutions' you bring to a situation - giving others permission to engage with you (2:52)
11. Jack Kornfield on spiritual community and living collectively; having confidence in the Order and 'Buddha pride' in our practice; developing Sangha as the authentic teacher - giving permission (4:00)
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