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The Buddha’s Philosophy of Right Speech 

The lecture takes us through the four positive and progressive speech precepts, and is a statement of what …

01. A review of Buddhist scriptures: meaningful speech in the Dhammapada; quality not quantity (13:26)
02. The great importance of speech in Buddhism; four progressively deepening qualities of Perfect Speech: (6:24)
03. I. Truthful Speech – i. factually accurate, not exaggerating or minimising-ii. ‘psycho-spiritually accurate’, the need for self-awareness (10:39)
04. II. Affectionate Speech – awareness of other people (5:31)
05. III. Useful Speech – promoting spiritual growth in others, being positive and appreciative; IV. Harmonious Speech – mutual self-transcendence; the culmination in silence (9:04)
The Ideal of Human Communication: Right Speech 

True language distinguishes humanity from the animals, and speech is accorded considerable spiritual significance …

Sangharakshita 1968
02. The importance of speech (10:15)
03. Introduction to Perfect Speech (4:06)
04. Truthful speech (10:56)
05. Affectionate speech (5:29)
06. Useful and positive speech (5:54)
07. Harmonious speech (3:30)
The Wisdom of Words 

The spiritual community, the Sangha, is the ideal context in which we can practise the Dharma. It is also a force for good …

Jnanavaca 2017
Introducing Buddhism 

In a talk delivered to teacher-training students, Sangharakshita tells the story of the Buddha's life, shows that there …

Sangharakshita 1966
07. What Buddhism is concerned with; The Noble Eightfold Path: i. Right understanding; ii. Right aspiration; iii. Right speech; iv. Right action (13:38)
08. v. Right means of livelihood; vi. Right effort; vii. Right mindfulness; viii. Right concentration; the Buddhas as signposts (9:52)
Buddhism and Peace 

What is peace? And what does peace mean for Buddhists? Is it just the absence of war and conflict; guns and screaming? Or …

Parami 2011
06. Right Speech (4:56)