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What the World Needs - Looking Ahead 50 Years 

Vidyamala is an Order Member and co-founder of Breathworks - a pioneering right-livelihood

Vidyamala 2017
Question and Answer Session On Running "Hidden Gems", a Right Livelihood Business 

This is a fascinating question and answer session, in which the inspirational ladies of the "Hidden Gems" right

Various speakers 2016
01. Question and Answer Session On Running "Hidden Gems", a Right Livelihood Business (59:04)
New Society Weekend 2011 - a series of short talks 

An inspiring and varied series of short talks about the New Society from young people in the Triratna Buddhist Community.

Various 2011
01. Lama's Pyjamas, a Right Livelihood charity shop - Claudine Edwards (8:44)
The History Of and Value In Team-Based Right Livelihood 

In his first visit to Windhorse: Evolution for several years Subhuti gives a rousing talk on some of the history behind team-based …

Subhuti 2010
01. The history of and value In team-based Right Livelihood (53:52)
Spreading the Mushrooms 

Sraddhagita shares her experience of Team Based Right Livelihood, as part of a series on …

Sraddhagita 2016
21st Century Ethics and Livelihood 

Smritiratna interviews Pam about her journey into right livelihood and her work in the …

Smritiratna and Pam Candea 2018
01. 21st Century Ethics and Livelihood (1:13:51)
Right Livelihood; Building Lego and Transforming Ego 

Silakirti worked for many years in Friends Foods wholefood shop in East London and the Evolution gift shop in Hammersmith …

Silakirti 2015
01. Right Livelihood; Building Lego and Transforming Ego (45:51)
The Ideal Society: Right Livelihood 

Buddhism stands for the creation of an ideal society as well as ideal individuals; a society based on spiritual and ethical …

Sangharakshita 1968
05. The importance of Perfect Livelihood (13:17)
06. What is ‘wrong livelihood’? (8:29)
07. Perfect Livelihood in the modern world (8:42)
Buddhist Economics 

This lecture lays down the principles underlying the creation and use of wealth, and explores the principles of generosity …

Sangharakshita 1976
Introducing Buddhism 

In a talk delivered to teacher-training students, Sangharakshita tells the story of the Buddha's life, shows that there …

Sangharakshita 1966
07. What Buddhism is concerned with; The Noble Eightfold Path: i. Right understanding; ii. Right aspiration; iii. Right speech; iv. Right action (13:38)
08. v. Right means of livelihood; vi. Right effort; vii. Right mindfulness; viii. Right concentration; the Buddhas as signposts (9:52)
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