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Awareness is revolutionary


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Title Speaker Year
Dharmapala College - Pratitya Samutpada 

The Dharmapala College and Dharmaduta study course are breaking new ground in facilitating a depth of critical Dharma engagement …

Various 2006
01. Saramati: Pratitya Samutpada (Conditioned Co-production) - Introduction, An Experiment in Critical Dharma Enquiry (14:56)
02. Subhuti: Pratitya Samutpada (Conditioned Co-production) - How the Buddha Sees Things (14:41)
03. Sagaramati: Pratitya Samutpada (Conditioned Co-production) - the Pali Sources (19:05)
04. Saramati: Pratitya Samutpada (Conditioned Co-production) - Critical Buddhism in Japan (16:11)
05. Vajradarshini: Pratitya Samutpada (Conditioned Co-production) - Mutual Causality and Dependent Arising (20:11)
06. Padmavajra: Pratitya Samutpada (Conditioned Co-production) - the Mythic Dimension (14:34)
Ethics in the Order, A Good Place to Start 

Speaking to a gathering of fellow members of the Triratna Buddhist Order, Khemasuri brilliantly combines an explanation of …

Khemasuri 2009
01. Outlining the influences on this talk including reflections on pratitya samutpada, paradigm shifts in science and Sangharakshita’s 1971 lecture ‘Evolution or extinction, a Buddhist view of world problems’. (4:54)
02. The significance and historical context of the pratitya samutpada teaching and a brief look at emergence. (2:47)
03. Cartesian and systems thinking and the relationship with pratitya samutpada. Properties of systems including feedback. More on emergence. (2:24)
Pratitya Samutpada oder die vier Prinzipien des Universums 

Warum leben wir? Was ist der Sinn? Ist alles Zufall oder vorbestimmt? Wie funktioniert das Universum? Die Fragen sind so …

Bodhimitra 2009
Moving Away From Superstition 

In the first of a series of three talks given at the Mahavihara Subhuti continues his Rambles format. In this series he …

Subhuti 2009
Rambles Around Reality - the 5 Niyamas 

In the first of this years 'rambles around reality' Subhuti talks about the fundamental basis of Buddhism's conception …

Subhuti 2010
Rambles Around the Imagination 2 - the Need For Clarity and Ethics 

The second talk on Imagination at the LBC. In this talk Subhuti emphasises the importance of clarity; as expressed in terms …

Subhuti 2010
Going For Refuge to the Dharma 

Part 3 of a 4-part series. An excellent talk from Dhammarati on the Dharma Jewel, with an emphasis on the practical and …

Dhammarati 2013
3. The Identity and Continuity of Mind. 

Exploring the philosophic ideas of identity and continuity, Subhuti shows how the mind has continuity but no identity. With …

Subhuti 2014
The Heart of the Dharma 

In this talk, Dharmaprabha explores conditioned co-production through her personal experience of living with a chronic illness. …

Dharmaprabha 2015
The Buddhist Teaching of Karma - and Its Dangers 

An introduction to the Buddhist teaching on Karma, with especial reference to it as part of the Buddha’s wider teaching …

Lokabandhu 2016
Tantric Path - The Wheel of Life 

This symbol is an archetypal representation of one of the most important Buddhist teachings, pratitya samutpada

Suryagupta 2017
Living a Life For the Dharma: What Is It We Are Doing with Our One Wild and Precious Life? 

This talk was given by Vajradevi on the Women's UK and Ireland Area Order Weekend in June, at Taraloka. In this talk …

Vajradevi 2018
The Buddha's Liberating Vision 

Padmasagara explores the glimpses of the Buddha's liberating vision found in the Ariyapariyesana sutta, focussing on …

Padmasagara 2019
Meditatsiya O Dvenadtsati Zvenev 

Pratitya Samutpada cherez tri jizni

Suvannavira 2019
Nidana Chain Practice 

This is a practice to focus on the cyclical and spiral formula of pratitya-samutpada, or …

Santavajri 2021
'For the Attainment of Enlightenment' 

When we Go for Refuge, we can only Go for Refuge to that which is lokuttara - 'beyond the world'. In the third …

Satyaraja 2021
Standing on Emptiness: View, Meditation, and Action 

A lovely, thoughtful exploration of the traditional Buddhist path of ethics, meditation and wisdom, using poetry and the …

Dhammadassin 2004
07. Faith - taking a stand and testing things out; Padmasambhava on the arising of Faith; faith in conditionality (pratitya samutpada); John Donne on mutual causality; George Bernard Shaw (5:53)
The Meaning of the Dharma 

Dharma is the experience of reality, and also the expression of that experience in the form of the Buddha's teaching, …

Sangharakshita 1968
04. Is there a simple leading principle? The law of conditionality (pratitya samutpada) (5:37)
07. Pratitya samutpada – cyclical and spiral – and the Four Noble Truths (7:30)
Building an Ethical Underworld - Lessons from the Mafia 

And the award for best title of 2007 goes to: 'Building an Ethical Underworld - Lessons from the Mafia'... Ever wanted …

Khemasuri 2007
01. 'Evolution or extinction' by Sangharakshita (1971) - this talk as a response; the Buddha's basic teaching and experience; conceptual constructions of a specific time and culture - 'pratitya samutpada' ('dependent arising') and 'general systems theory' (3:22)
The Psychology of Spiritual Development 

A discussion of the law of conditionality and its two trends, represented by the twelve links on the Wheel of Life and the …

Sangharakshita 1967
03. The law of conditionality (pratitya samutpada) (4:54)
What is Mind? 

This is the first talk in a series of talks from the Order Convention in 2001 offering different perspectives on the Abhidharma …

Dhammadinna 2001
03. What is 'Mind'? Introspection - Dharma-Vichaya (dhammaviccaya); the seven 'Limbs of Enlightenment' (Bodhyangas); reflecting on the lakshanas and Pratitya Samutpada (6:02)
Was die Welt im Innersten zusammenhält - Was der Buddha auf Fausts Frage geantwortet hätte... 

Von einem Erwachten heißt es oft, er oder sie sehe die Dinge "wie sie wirklich sind". Aber wie sind sie denn? …

Jnanacandra 2008
03. Pratitya Samutpada als Ausdruck unmittelbar gesehener Wahrheit (3:05)
05. Pratitya Samutpada als grundlegendster Ausdruck der Erleuchtungserfahrung (6:06)
06. Die Blume - oder Pratitya Samutpada und die 'Dinge' (7:25)
07. Der Stuhl - oder Pratitya Samutpada und die 'Ursachen' (5:46)
08. Der umstürzende Baum - oder Pratitya Samutpada und die 'Wahrnehmung' (7:08)
09. Die Welle - oder Pratitya Samutpada und 'Identität' (3:16)
Unendliche Weiten. Der Dharma - Philosophie oder mehr? 

Was IST denn nun die Lehre des Buddha?

Dharmadeva 2009
04. Pratitya Samutpada - die Kernlehre des Buddhismus vom bedingten Entstehen (8:59)
Gewaltlosigkeit und Ethik im Buddhismus 

Gewalt und Buddhismus scheinen offensichtlich nicht zusammen zu passen. Doch wo fängt Gewalt an? Was für Folgen …

Dharmapriya 2010
03. Pratitya samutpada die grundsätzlichste Anschauung des Buddhismus (6:24)
Religion Without God, Part 3 - Death and the Biggest Questions of All 

The third talk in 'Religion without God', a four-part series looking at how you can have a full spiritual life as …

Candradasa 2012
04. Reading - The Bodhi Sutta; Pratitya Samutpada and the Twelve Nidanas; attainable by anyone; Buddhism is not the point (3:09)
07. Vision - the Buddha's view of Pratitya Samutpada and karma through death; not being part of a credulous religion (3:50)