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Parinirvana Day Talks 

For Parinirvana Day in 2016, various Sangha members were asked to talk about what the Buddha was like, from …

01. Parinirvana Day Talks (55:02)
Parinirvana 2018 

What is the meaning and significance of Parinirvana Day? How does his parinirvana relate …

Bodhidasa 2018
01. Parinirvana 2018 (22:18)
Loss, Grief, Spiritual Death And Spiritual Rebirth 

A talk given by Chandana at the Manchester Buddhist Centre on Parinirvana Day, 15 February 2014

Chandana 2014
Celebrating the Buddha - Parinirvana Festival 2016 

In celebration of Parinirvana day Devamitra recounts his favourite stories about the Buddha.

Devamitra 2016
01. Celebrating the Buddha - Parinirvana Festival 2016 (58:53)
The Tiny Splash of a Raindrop 

The Buddha's Parinirvana marks the final passing of the Buddha two and a half millennia ago. It is …

Dhammadinna 2019
Death's Abyss and the Milk of Human Kindness 

Talk given by Jayarava on Parinirvana Day 13th February 2011 at the London Buddhist Centre.

Jayarava 2011
What Happens when we Die (and Teddy Bears) 

A talk given on Parinirvana Day, 14th February 2016 at Manchester Buddhist Centre. Karunavajra describes …

Karunavajra 2016
Death and Falling Flowers 

Talk on the Buddha's Parinirvana given by Maitreyabandhu at the LBC's Winter Retreat at Sibford, …

Maitreyabandhu 2009
Winter Retreat 2017 - "Now Is the Time to Prepare For Death" 

Maitreyabandhu completes the cycle of this year's talks: a beautiful evocation of the Buddha's Parinirvana, …

Maitreyabandhu 2017
Stories of Awakening: Parinirvana 

A talk by Manjurava as part of Sub35s. The Buddha was a human being who by his own efforts discovered the path towards …

Manjurava 2019
01. Stories of Awakening: Parinirvana (35:10)
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