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Buddhist Parenting 

This is another great talk from the 'Dharma Warriors' series given at the Buddhafield Festival. Karunagita is the …

Karunagita 2006
02. Karunagita introduces her story as a Buddhist parent; opportunities to develop spiritually as a parent (4:18)
03. Love and letting go as a parent – the heart opening of parenthood and the pitfalls of loving our children (7:08)
04. Awareness and spiritual progress as a parent; awareness of what presses our buttons; children as our mirror (5:42)
Meditating With Your Child 

Upayavira was ordained in 2000, and became a parent soon after. Since then he has been exploring, often …

Upayavira 2015
Fifteen Points for Buddhist Parents 

Should you teach your child Buddhism? Should you restrict their T.V.? How do you let them go when it's time? What to …

Sangharakshita 1994
02. i. Remember you are a Buddhist first and a parent second (3:01)
05. iv. Join a parent-teacher organisation (4:48)