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The FWBO Sevenfold Puja 

The Sevenfold Puja in English, led by Sangharakshita, including recitation of the Heart Sutra in English, and chanting of …

11. Padmasambhava mantra (3:58)
Psycho-Spiritual Symbolism in the Tibetan Book of the Dead 

According to Tibetan tradition, in the bardo, an 'intermediate state' in the endless round of birth and death, we …

Sangharakshita 1967
02. The Tibetan book of the dead – the Bardo Thödol; Padmasambhava, the lotus-born guru; The Termas (6:16)
How Buddhism Came to Tibet 

The lecture describes the introduction of Buddhism into Tibet in the seventh century, and the extraordinary events which …

Sangharakshita 1968
10. King Trisong Detsen; Shantarakshita; Padmasambhava; Samye monastery (11:57)
Padmasambhava: Tantric Guru of Tibet 

Padmasambhava, often known as the 'Second Buddha', is famous for converting the demons of Tibet. …

Sangharakshita 1972
01. An encounter with Padmasambhava in Darjeeling (7:17)
03. Padmasambhava’s career (15:10)
04. Padmasambhava’s arrival in Tibet looked at in more detail (12:24)
05. How did Padmasambhava overcome the demons? engaging with the non-rational (15:30)
06. Padmasambhava’s teachings (4:17)
The Symbolism of the Cremation Ground and the Celestial Maidens 

Are we ready to face our own death, and the total transformation it symbolises? Here Sangharakshita describes the practice …

Sangharakshita 1972
02. Padmasambhava and the Dakinis (6:52)
Padmasambhava Talk 

Previously unreleased and, rather famously, given off-the-cuff at the London Buddhist Centre, this is an enjoyable and stirring …

Sangharakshita 1979
01. Introduction: Padmasambhava and Samye monastery (7:45)
02. The Second Buddha: Padmasambhava the Guru (4:52)
11. Padmasambhava – the principle of radical transformation (11:45)
Sangharakshita, der Mensch 

Anlässlich der Weihung der neuen Buddhastatue im Buddhistischen Zentrum Essen durch Sangharakshita wurde der Gründer …

Anomarati 1995
08. Sangharakshita und Padmasambhava (09:27)

Ok, buckle up. 'Padmasambhava' by Danavira is, as we've come to expect from the man, a rollicking …

Danavira 2001
01. Padmasambhava (1:05:18)
What is Mind? 

This is the first talk in a series of talks from the Order Convention in 2001 offering different perspectives on the Abhidharma …

Dhammadinna 2001
11. Summary - transforming mental states; Padmasambhava on Mind (3:41)
Energy At Its Most Abundant 

Here's a previously unreleased talk by Parami on 'virya' - 'energy in pursuit of the good'. It was given …

Parami 2002
08. Padmasambhava at work; ordaining someone - a channel to the transcendental; Parami's personal link with Sangharakshita; birth story of Padmasambhava; taking Buddhism to Tibet - the marriage of cognition, feeling and emotion; finding magic and ritual (7:40)
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