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The culmination of wisdom is freedom from all views

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Title Speaker Year
Three Reasons For Conversion 

Given during the course of a youth retreat in India, this talk deals with the three principle ways in which conversion to …

Subhuti 2008
The Nature of the Mind 

Speaking specifically to young people about the Dhamma, however the same applies to all people. In this talk Subhuti moves …

Subhuti 2008
The Importance of Sangha and the Samaghavastus 

In the final talk of the retreat Subhuti, having emphasised the need for personal transformation, then speaks about the need …

Subhuti 2008
Introduction For Youth Retreat 

First talk given to a large retreat for 500 young people held in India. In this talk Subhuti addresses the problems facing …

Subhuti 2007
The Importance of Sila 

In his fifth talk to young people Subhuti moves from the personal to the social. Ethics is the basis for human society; …

Subhuti 2007
Windhorse: Lessons Learnt 

Sixth talk given during Dharmapala college's seminar on 40 years of the new society.

Keturaja 2010
Living In a Mandala - the LBC and More 

Subhadramati, speaking during Dharmapala College's seminar on '40 years of the New Society'. …

Subhadramati 2010
Meeting the Suffering of the World- Compassion In Action 

The last talk of Dharmapala colleges '40 years of the New Society' seminar.

Maitrisara 2010
The Four Gifts 

Set in a beautiful field in Tuttington Norfolk- sitting outside under an old tree on a sunny spring day- 17 'young men' …

Padmavajra 2010
The Individual and Community - the Triratna Buddhist Order 

In the second talk of Dharmapala colleges seminar on the New Society, Dhammarati talks about the Order as …

Dhammarati 2010
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