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Title Speaker Year
India Talk 

This 'lost' lecture, newly restored, gives something of the flavour of Sangharakshita's visit to India in 1982. …

Sangharakshita 1982
10. The expansion of TBMSG; the People’s Education Society; publications (8:40)
11. New Buddhists in the West and the East; self-sufficiency and teamwork (7:41)
What Self, What World? 

Here is a talk by Christopher Titmuss from the wonderful Buddhafield project (their main summer festival), given amidst the …

Christopher Titmuss 2005
07. The Green Party's view - the futility of feeling helpless as an individual; Tony Benn on society and change; solidarity as people (3:05)
Buddhism in the Context of Contemporary Culture 

Here's another talk from the series organised by 'Dharmapala College' to mark the 40th anniversary of the Western …

Saramati and Munisha 2008
02. Munisha - 'How They See Us, And Why'; society's view of contemporary Buddhism and how Buddhists present themselves (25:18)
Energy At Its Most Abundant 

Here's a previously unreleased talk by Parami on 'virya' - 'energy in pursuit of the good'. It was given …

Parami 2002
01. Old and new Order members; not liking Sangharakshita's (Bhante's) poetry; reading poems in the USA (4:37)
05. Virya as antidote to forgetting; three forms of laziness - indolence (sloth), apathy and despair (despondency); objectifying our experience - the need for friends; towards a better world - 'the new society' (6:48)
The Ten Pillars of Buddhism 

The Ten Pillars are the ten ethical principles, which provide a comprehensive guide to the moral dimension of human life. …

Sangharakshita 1984
25. The Fourth Precept: truthfulness, falsehood, and society; factual accuracy; believing others (7:18)
Buddhism, World Peace, and Nuclear War 

The Buddha's lone voice of sanity once prevented a war. Modern warfare is on a far larger scale, and could involve nuclear …

Sangharakshita 1984
03. Nuclear disarmament: working on governments and society through individual and collective effort (13:15)
Dr Ambedkar's Conversion 

Maitrivir-Nagarjuna's excellent talk recorded for the San Francisco sangha's celebration of the anniversary of the …

Maitrivir-Nagarjuna 2009
03. Inequality's relationship to mind; why Dr. Ambedkar chose Buddhism; universality; ethics (shila) and society (3:58)
04. The promotion of self-development versus worldly ways; mind being at the centre of all; meaning of the three refuges; 'the prabuddha society' (3:42)
In Retrospect: A Conversation With Sangharakshita 

Nagabodhi interviews Sangharakshita in a wide-ranging discussion about the FWBO's history and the continuing process …

Sangharakshita 2007
03. Differences in creative response to the possibilities in the UK and in India; excitement at the idea of helping build a 'New Society'; the difficulty of taking part in putting it into practice; working with younger, less experienced people and dynamics (7:29)
Buddhism In Britain Today 

A series presented by Tom Crofts (a mitra at the Croydon Buddhist Centre) on the subject of Buddhism in the 21st century. …

Various 2011
02. Society (19:31)
Imagining Gautama 

The second in a major new series of talks by Vishvapani to mark the launch of his new book: 'Gautama Buddha: The Life …

Vishvapani 2011
06. Getting at truth, powerful emotions in the suttas; reading from The Attadanda Sutta (‘Taking Arms’); the thorn in one’s heart as the root of conflict in society; Four Noble Truths and need for fundamental change; the Buddha generalising from experience (5:16)
07. Commentaries on the sutta, a war over water; two questions; distinguishing characteristics of the Buddha and his society; in praise of Pali-English Dictionary of Proper Names; a coherent personality and set of teachings about the nature of existence (4:59)
09. An act of imagination constrained by the evidence – wanting to really see the Buddha and his society; finding an image of the Buddha that isn’t perfect; looking for the learning Buddha; the Buddha gets feedback from Dhammadinna (4:34)
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