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Metta is something that must be lived

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Title Speaker Year
Dying to Live 

In this talk, Vidyamala gives a strong account of working with suffering and sorrow in life, and of transforming your experience …

Vidyamala 2003
08. Vidyamala and Osadhi's mindfulness-based pain management work in Manchester (2:59)
11. Spiritual death in the different meditation practices - mindfulness of breathing, metta bhavana, the brahmaviharas, six element practice, visualisation sadhana (9:12)
Path As Symbol: Meditation As Personal Journey 

A series of talks and led practices exploring the system of practice in the context of meditation. These teachings were shared …

Singhashri 2017
02. Led Mindfulness of Breathing Practice (33:18)
Essential Meditation - Entire Retreat 

At the beginning of March Satyaraja led a new retreat at Padmaloka, titled 'Essential Meditation'. The aim was …

Satyaraja 2020
03. Meditation - Lead into mindfulness of breathing, exploring balanced effort and broad awareness (05:42)
04. Mindfulness of Breathing (20:36)
06. Meditation - Mindfulness of Breathing (after talk on MoB and 5 Viniyatas) (43:50)
08. Meditation - Mindfulness of Breathing (after teaching on the 5 hindrances) (43:28)
13. Meditation - Mindfulness of Breathing after teaching on levels of absorption (40:37)
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