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Title Speaker Year
Royal Ease Mudra_Metta and Insight Retreat 2015 

Number eleven in a series from a 12 day meditation retreat on metta as a path to insight from May 2015. Talk followed by …

Saddhanandi 2015
Talking On Air 

A summary of what the elements mean in Buddhism, with specific suggestions on the air element, and the practice of mindfulness

Ratnaprabha 2016
Body Scan Into Breath Awareness Meditation 

This is a simple meditation that starts with a lying down body scan and then moves into a seated mindfulness

Singhashri 2017
Anapanasati (series) 

A series of four talks given by Guhyavajra during the 2016 Anapanasati retreat at Padmaloka. The Anapanasati meditation …

Anapanasati Retreat 2003 (series) 

This is the first of three complete retreats on 'Anapanasati' - 'Mindfulness with Breathing' …

Viveka 2003
Introduction to Broad Awareness and Led Meditation 

This is talk 5 of 13 talks and led meditations given on the Path to Insight Retreat at Taraloka, July 2019. This retreat …

Prasadavati 2019
Our Work as Teachers and Practitioners 

A rather splendid (even controversial in places!) talk by Kamalashila on meditation and meditation teaching in the contemporary …

Kamalashila 2005
06. Seven trainings in meditation - i. the spirit of practice, confidence iii. mindfulness, awareness iv. reflection on the Dharma v. anapanasati (mindfulness of breathing) vi. metta bhavana (development of loving kindness) vii. just sitting (5:53)
The Meaning of Parinirvana 

A lecture celebrating the anniversary of the Parinirvana or 'death' of the Buddha. It outlines six basic meditation …

Sangharakshita 1972
04. i. Distraction – mindfulness of breathing (4:54)
A System of Meditation 

A survey of the progressive sequence of meditations followed in the FWBO and their place in the complete spiritual path. …

Sangharakshita 1978
05. The Mindfulness of Breathing (5:46)
Meditation: the Expanding Consciousness 

A traditional exposition of Buddhist meditation looking at why we meditate; preparation for meditation; the five meditation …

Sangharakshita 1967
07. Mindfulness of breathing and Metta Bhavana (9:24)
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