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Title Speaker Year
Löwenruf - Die Stimme erheben In einer aufgewühlten Welt 

Dieser Vortrag wurde zum Auftakt des "Buddhistischen Aktionsmonats" im Juni 2021 im Buddhistischen Zentrum Essen …

Jnanacandra 2021

A último das quatro Brahma Viharas é o cultivo da equanimidade ou serenidade de espírito, conhecida …

Manjupriya 2021
The Heart Unbound: Metta As a Path to Insight (3 of 13) 

Maitridevi talks about the structure of the Metta Bhavana followed by a period of meditation …

Maitridevi 2021
01. The Heart Unbound: Metta As a Path to Insight (3 of 13) (38:10)
The Brahma Viharas- Living In the Mandala, Meditation 2021 (6 of 17) 

Maitrisiddhi leads a Metta Bhavana meditation. This talk is from an intensive meditation …

Maitrisiddhi 2021
The Brahma Viharas- Living In the Mandala, Meditation 2021 (13 of 17) 

Here Maitrisambhava gives a very beautiful, moving and humorous talk on what the Brahma Viharas mean to her, and in particular …

Maitrisambhava 2021
Brahmas Viharas - meditações (series) 

Os Brahma Viharas são quatro meditações budistas que cultivam as quatro principais expressões de amor profundo. "Brahma …

Brahma Viharas (series) 

Em budismo, a mente é sinonimo com o coração (não com o cérebro). Na meditação budista estamos cultivando um coração …

Loving What Is 

Here's a great, down to earth yet thoroughly uplifting talk on 'Metta' or 'Loving Kindness' …

Vajrapriya 2008
02. The panther is right behind you - Ways of looking at metta (3:59)
08. 'Metta'-physical - a different model of Metta, Vajrapriya's personal ways to work with patterns (3:13)
11. b) Metta-bhavana, a laboratory of awareness, finding out where metta flows easily and if there are any blocks (5:04)
Love and Desire 

This is the last in a great three-part series on 'The Alchemy of Love', Padmavajra's exploration of the transformative …

Padmavajra 2005
05. Bodhisattva path as context; relationships within the context of metta; nurturing of ordinary human emotions; hatred and craving (4:17)
08. Metta Bhavana; empathy or anukampa; transforming the stream of the mind by identifying with others; alleviating suffering through deeds; reading of verses on liberation; Dhardo Rimpoche as example (3:52)
10. Imagination as magical ability - exercising imagination; identifying ourselves with others in metta bhavana; moving towards egolessness; the need for patience and support in developing love - Sangha as a good basis and example (6:18)
The Meaning of Parinirvana 

A lecture celebrating the anniversary of the Parinirvana or 'death' of the Buddha. It outlines six basic meditation …

Sangharakshita 1972
05. ii. Hate: the Metta Bhavana (1:48)
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