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Title Speaker Year
Meditasjon På Kjærlig Vennlighet 

Gunaketu leder gjennom meditasjon på kjærlig vennlighet eller "metta bhavana" …

Gunaketu 2017
Meditasjon På Kjærlig Vennlighet - Bare Klangskål 

Gunaketu leder inn i meditasjonen med å lande i øyeblikket med hele seg, og ringer på klangskålen …

Gunaketu 2018
Insight and Perception 

Mahabodhi explores the meaning of the Sanskrit term samjna or sanna in Pali. Often translated as perception, but more accurately …

Mahabodhi 2017
Empathising with the Enemy 

A talk from Nandaraja exploring meditation and the Metta Bhavana, given on a People of …

Nandaraja 2018
The Path of Kindness 

Part 5 in the Faces of Enlightenment Sangha night series at the Sheffield Buddhist Centre. Bodhinaga gives a talk on the …

Bodhinaga 2019
Meditacion Mettabhavana O El Cultivo De Las Emociones Creativas Y Positivas 

Metta Bhavana es una practia de meditacion en donde cultivamos una transformación …

Dharmakirti 2016
Blazing Like The Sun 

In the final part of the Path to Awakening series, the team explore the metta bhavana meditation: …

Various 2019
Developing Awareness 

In this session Nagabodhi starts by leading a short arriving meditation and then speaks about the process of developing awareness …

Nagabodhi 2020
Karuna Bhanva For the Natural World 

The scholarly monk Analayo says it is important for us, as Buddhists, to take care of nature as we take care of our own body. …

Saddhavasini 2020
Radiate Love 

In this talk Dharmadipa looks at the third part of Dhardo Rimpoche's Motto "Radiate Love". The talk begins …

Dharmadipa 2021
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